Help Me/Question 000webhost Is Good Or Not

Doominic anderson

White Belt
I have created a new website and i searched for company who provides free domain name service.
I found 000webhost which provides the facility for free domain name.
Is it good to use 000webhost or there are some other companies which is better than this for free domain name service.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
The 000webhost is not that cheap. It is almost similar rates Hostgator is offering. I understand your part you are after a cheap and best webhost.
Here, i am giving you one: Uk Cheap Hosts | Cheap Hosting UK
Only 12 Pound and if you talk to sales chat, they will give you more discount. BTW, i have this hosting for $15 per year.
They have all advanced Cpanel, all features, automated scripts and similar facilities. I have witnessed them from last 6 years with 99% up time and perfect help and also guide you some technical aspects when you cannot.