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Selling #1 Dedicated Server Provider In Mx| Cheap .mx Domains + Servers For Vpn!

Discussion in 'Exclusive Web Hosting Deals' started by cabletweet, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. cabletweet

    Yellow Belt

    Jan 17, 2014
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    DigitalServer.com.mx is leading web hosting provider in Mexico now offering powerful dedicated services and cheap .MX Domain Registration. You will receive super fast hosting along with real Mexican Ips as well as helpful professional customer and tech support team who work 24/7.

    Our team offer nice registro de dominio en Mexico, check out our .MX domain registration:

    ==>> .mx domain for $800.00/MXN for 1 year + $800.00/MXN to renew!
    ==>> .com.mx domain for $250.00/MXN for 1 year + $500.00/MXN to renew!
    ==>> .org.mx domain for $250.00/MXN for 1 year + $500.00/MXN to renew!

    FOR MORE Details, follow this LINK: https://www.digitalserver.com.mx/registro-de-dominios.shtml

    We are happy to announce our NEW Servidores Dedicados!!!

    Servidores Dedicados Premium
    Super servers for applications and websites

    Premium Servidores Dedicados under linux or Windows, DigitalServer atmosphere, offers you a range of low-cost servers with 100% internet connectivity and Premium support. If you wish to have autonomy and full access to your server, dedicated servers in Mexico are an excellent choice and opportunity, as the existence is limited.

    Servidor Dedicado DSM-1
    Processor - Intel C2350 2 Cores a 1.70GHz
    RAM - 4 GB
    Serial ATA hard drive - 1 TB
    Including IP?s - 1 IP Fija
    Uptime 100%
    Rent monthly $1,850.00 MXN

    Take a look at Digitalserver.com.mx Servidores Dedicados en Mexico:

    Servidor Dedicado en Mexico DS-1A
    Processor - Intel Core i3/Core 2 Duo 3.06 Ghz + 4 MB Cache
    RAM - 4 GB
    Serial ATA hard drive - 1 TB
    Including IP?s - 1 IP Fija Mexicana
    Uptime 100%
    Rent monthly $3,450.00 MXN

    We are accepting PaymentWall as method of payment: https://www.paymentwall.com/
    And payments from 192 countries, some of that are local payments.

    If you have any question - feel free to contact our sales team!

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