Tutorial 10 Best High Paying Google Adsense Niche In 2016

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Google Adsense is famous monetizing network that can help blogger to generate money from their blog. If your blog receives traffic then you are the right person that can monetize the blog to generate income from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is most popular monetizing network in all that has rapid growth since 2003, it was founded.

Niche, basically means with the topic we are going to write or blogging about. The niches that are most profitable are those which searches most and deals with human problems. Being concern with the Google Adsense program, you need to first think twice about the niche before you start the journey with the blogging. Here we are going to discuss the top 10 best high paying Adsense niche in 2016.

1. Health

Health and its various aspects has always been top notch high paying niche in Adsense and they are still in 2016. In order to keep ourselves feet and fine everybody searches in Google and the number is in large. Thus, Google also take this for granted as a significant niche where they prefer to pay more than any other niche. So someone having perfect skills in health oriented subject can be a man of rich.

2. Make Money Online

This is the most searching niche in search engines these days. People want to earn money online because they want to use their spare time in earning and many students/retired and housewives prefer to find such sources. This niche definitely has a wonderful CPC rate and that encourages you to work with it for overall high revenue working with Adsense.

3. Technology

Technology is another top searching term and so people should adopt it to start blogging for Adsense. Everyday there is new technology came into notice and everyone like to be updated or move along with that. This seems to be very promising niche that has very higher paying rates because of the wide searches on search engines.

4. Relationship

Relationship is one of major search term. People look out meeting new people on the internet. There are also some helpful information are available for mature on varieties of relationship issues. Making new friends from the web is very common these days. When we want to go out to a new place or country we want someone to be there as a company. Hence, this is the perfect niche where you can try your luck and certainly it makes it a high paying niche.

5. Celebrities

This is really an out of box topic but do not take it lightly because this is real place of loads of fan and gossip about the celebrities. Internet is the fabulous source for the audience to get to know about the celebrities they like. This is the niche that has an awesome numbers of searches per month and can be utilized for the better Adsense. It also has a great ratio over conversion rate into the Adsense niche.

6. Fashion

In order to give oneself a good look fashion is something really got the high trends in the World Wide Web in recent times. The Adsense rate for this niche is a good that anyone can start and enjoy it. If you find yourself a fashion enthusiast then you should give it a try, for sure.

7. Insurance

This is highest paying niche in Adsense to generate an amazing income if you are able to get it to real customers. The problem is a large number of competitors are here but still if you have a good knowledge of this niche you can definitely get it through, and do something extra ordinary with this niche.

8. Blogging

This is the fastest emerging industry by today. Blogging is become a very popular trend that more and more people come to start the blogging. If you happen to know how to blog, features, ideas, techniques you can put up a blog and provide all necessary information and you are good to go.

9. Social media

This is the niche or place where most of the people are stand together, communicate and meet regularly. It now plays an important role in connecting different people together and thus, become one of the daily needs of a human life. This is why it comes in one of the high paying niche in Google Adsense. People want to know new about the social media and new people likes to know how and what they can do on social media.

10. SEO

SEO is the niche that has good number searches over the internet. A large number of people are involving into the SEO and looking to know the techniques, methods and everything about the search engine optimization. There is a huge competition over the internet for this niche and that is why this topic is high paying niche and can give you a lot of profit.


Content Writer
You have mention some good and powerful high paying niches.
These were good in those days when Google adsense was new and IM was just started to the world.
Now the niches that you mention are very competitive and tough to rank, but some of them are good to start with like Technology, Blogging, only if you know what you are doing.
Overall, good work on high paying google adsense niches.


Well-Known Member
Have you forgot about the Forex and what I say is the top three are perfect and the rest I cannot agree with you as the best niches for adsense.
I don't think SEO people are going to click those ads than those technology searchers, a lot of difference we will see.

Do you think blogging niche can get some good amount of money from adsense? I am looking to start on WordPress tutorial, does this niche is Good?

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
There are loads of niche where we can really monetize our blog to make the most from Adsense. For me, it was hard to cover all the topics and those you have mentioned, I must appreciate you people for that.
As far as niche is concern, you can pick the one you like and most probably because you have good skills on that particular niche. There are ways how you can maximize your Adsense account.