My 2 Cents 10 Custom Branded Niche Audio Books - Unrestricted Plr!

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Get More Subscribers To Your List And Make More Profits Having Your Own Custom Branded Audio Books!



I am offering a package of 10 well narrated niche audio books, that would be custom branded with your details as per your specs.

The Audio Books are based off unrestricted PLR e-books, and these same rights are passed on to you!

Here are the niches:

Internet Marketing
Make Money Online
Dating - Bring Ex Back
Body Building

Here are the books' details:

Article Marketing - Where To Start And How To Do It

Chapter 1 - Keyword research - The place To Start
Chapter 2 Article Marketing Doing It right And Getting Maximum Traffic
Chapter 3 Creating Resource Boxes For Maximum Traffic
Chapter 4 Content Generation Ideas For Maximum Traffic
Chapter 5 - 5 Steps Quick Action Plan

Easy Affiliate Marketing Dosh

Chapter 1 Choosing The right product
Chapter 2 Money With Review Sites
Chapter 3 Money With CPA Offers
Chapter 4 The Tools Of The Trade
Chapter 5 Quick Affiliate Cash Strategies

Freelancing - How To Enjoy The Freedom Of working From Your Home

Chapter 1 Your work From Home Brand
Chapter 2 How To Build Your Online Portfolio
Chapter 3 Making Money Online And Managing Your Time
Chapter 4 Getting Paid For The First Time
Chapter 5 Securing A constant Stream Of Work

Profitable Blogging Made Easy

Chapter 1 How To Choose Profitable Topic
Chapter 2 How to create your self hosted blog
Chapter 3 Performance enhancing plugins
Chapter 4 How To Create Killer Content That Makes Them Stick
Chapter 5 The Big List Of Monetization Strategies

Successful info product creation

Chapter 1 - Keyword research - The place To Start for audio
Chapter 2 Quick And Easy Research Process
Chapter 3 Info Product Formatting
Chapter 4 Developing Surefire Winner Products
Chapter 5 Useful Resources For A Quick Start

Niche Audio Books

Pimples No More - How To Kill The Pimples

Chapter 1 The truth About Acne
Chapter 2 Four Serious Types Of Acne You Should Always Consult A Doctor About
Chapter 3 Busting The 7 Acne Myths
Chapter 4 How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Natural Remedies
Chapter 5 Simple And Effective Home Treatment Options

How To Bring Her Back - 5 Action Steps For Getting Your Ex Back

Chapter 1 Strategy 1 You Are A Shiny Star
Chapter 2 Strategy 2 Do not Get Mad Get Ahead
Chapter 3 Strategy 3 Earn Her Trust Again
Chapter 4 Strategy 4 Project Confidence And Commitment
Chapter 5 Strategy 5 No More Tricks And Gimmicks

How To Overcome The 7 Most Common Causes Of Insomnia

Chapter 1 Your Body And Mind Need A Rest
Chapter 2 How To Overcome The 3 Most Common Causes
Chapter 3 The Usual Suspects Continued 4 More Causes

How To Stay Fit And Develop Attractive Body

Chapter 1Muscle Building Training Exercises
Chapter 2 Muscle Building Continued
Chapter 3 Supplements To Be Or...
Chapter 4 Which Foods Would Help You Build Muscles
Chapter 5 Becoming A Pro

Swinging Like A Pro - The Start Up Guide To Golfing

Chapter 1 The Master Tools You Need
Chapter 2 The Golf Swing Source Code
Chapter 3 Success Is A Mind Game
Chapter 4 Tips And Tricks To Crush'Em
Chapter 5 How To Adopt Effective Winning Strategies

What Is Included:

1. Audio book branded with your message
2. Raw Audio Files - Each Chapter In Separate .mp3
3. Custom E-covers - no PSD as these are not Created in Photoshop
4. E-book in Ms Word format
5. Raw Chapter Files Of Each Book in .TXT format

Free For You:

1. Custom Branding Of Each Chapter Of Each Book
2. Custom E-cover if you provide the graphics
3. 15 Beginner Internet Marketing Videos

Bonus Video Titles:

Please see attached in the samples download "video contents.jpeg"

The price for the complete, Custom Branded For You Package is $96!

Order Completely Risk Free!

Download The Sample Audio Files And Package Descriptions Here!

If you like the quality, do the following:

1. Send me a PM or post here in the thread which of the 4 voice overs you would like to get.
2. Send me your custom message for branding your audio book.
3. Send me the graphics for customizing your e-covers. Please note that I don't offer design of the covers. You must have the graphics. I offer just creating the covers.
4. Once your package is Customized For You, I will send you a PayPal link. The package would be available for download Immediately after payment.

Do With Them Whatever You Find Appropriate!
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