Tutorial 10 Most Common Photoshop Mistakes To Avoid In 2016


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Here is a collection of some common Photoshop mistakes done by both beginners and experts. Some of these might not be actually "mistakes" rather failure to use the features offered by Photoshop and some of these are using these features incorrectly. Read along to see if you tend to commit one of these mistakes over and over, does any of these sound familiar with your own experience?​

  • Failing to use Shortcuts


It is much important to learn almost all the shortcuts to save time.Learning these shortcuts is not easy but it will be efficiently help you.You can also create your own keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop by selecting Edit and then Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Forgetting to save regularly

The frequent mistake that most of the people make is forgetting to save the work. So, make this habit and save your work regularly to retain every data.​

  • Not using layers and folders


Layers are used to make a project easier to edit and more. Most of the beginners fail to create enough layers and later they regret for their slower starting.

Most of the professional and experienced designers know how to escape from that trap. It may be a lot of unnecessary work, but it will help you to organize your project and saves your time.

  • Making permanent adjustments


Making permanent adjustments to the pixels within projects without the ability to go back and change things at a later time is a huge mistake. By using Layer Masks, you can re edit which is not possible with eraser tool.

  • Relying too much on stock imagery

Some times using the stock photography makes sense for designer working. At other times, it’s good to shoot or illustrate the image yourself.

  • Defaulting to CMYK


Its not always the best way to design in CMYK mode in Photoshop. In CMYK, during designing certain functions and filters do not work, and the file size will be bigger.

  • Going overboard with retouching

Nowadays there are many fake images have gone viral which is also easily identified. The main reason behind those images are excess of retouching. So while editing don't try to make it too perfect, because going far from the target will make it look like a fake one.

  • Using Photoshop for everything


Photoshop is the best software for editing, but it is not advisable for every single task. There are many other editing tools such as Illustrator and fireworks are available which makes that particular task more easier.

  • Using ‘ Desaturate ‘ to convert black and white images

Choosing the Desaturate function does not complete the suggestion exactly and desaturates all the color from an image, leaving you with a black and white version.

On choosing Channel Mixer option you can get a much richer image. Deselect the Monochrome and adjust the RGB channel sliders until you achieve the exact target.

  • Working in 72dpi


The default resolution in Photoshop is 72dpi which looks nice for web. But for printing purpose, this is not worth.So at the starting of your project, check whether the dpi is set correctly for you project.



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You have made nice post, but I won't agree some of the facts because a friend of mine is totally a Graphic Designer and works in a printing Industry.
1. Forgetting to save regulary
No one can forgets to save regularly because it is hard to design as I always save Microsoft documents regularly for every paragraph.
2. Layers are most helpful as they make easier to edit files.
3. There are free photos on Flickr instead of relying stock images r retouching photos.
I appreciate your valuable post, but people still cheating to the original photographers by editing pictures.


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bharath Thanks for your appreciation and I agree with you, but this tutorial is not just meant for graphic designers, but also for the newbies who tends to forget to save sometimes.
And even though people tends to cheat with edited photography, original always stands out from them.


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The most common mistake that i have always done is not having to save the document regularly. This has resulted into me redoing several tasks. Is there a way that the document can auto-save?


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I can't tell you how many times I have lost work for a title card or something because I expect PS to save automatically. It hurts me so deeply.


I cant even begin to explain the amount of photoshop mistakes I have made with every one of those involved haha especially making things permanent, saving, and exiting. No way to fix it at that point but to redo it. Tread carefully guys!!



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bharath Thanks for your appreciation and I agree with you, but this tutorial is not just meant for graphic designers, but also for the newbies who tends to forget to save sometimes.
And even though people tends to cheat with edited photography, original always stands out from them.
Forgetting to save a document while working with photoshop is the most common mistake not only for pros but also for newbies. The next photoshop version should have an auto save feature so that such mistakes could be curbed.


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I use Photoshop but I am not an expert. Some of my common photoshop mistakes that you have mentioned in the article are:
not using shortcut: I cannot remember the keys.
forgetting to save regularly
working on the same layer with various presets instead on different layers.


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One big mistake I made back in 2015 was leaving Photoshop open for days straight with a project that I was working on periodically throughout those days and upon finishing the project as I went to save my work Photoshop gave me an error saying there was not enough RAM to save. :(


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Thanks for the insightful guide OP! While I don't use Photoshop, my friend does and I am sure that he will be very interested in this article. He is always trying to improve his technique, which I think is great!


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Good advice, I think that Photoshop should be like salt, not too much and not too little. It's very easy to go overboard and knowing when to stop is very important.


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This is wonderful! thanks a lot for these awesome points to remember. I can say this is very helpful for a lot of newbies like me. Now I should save my work regularly.