My Suggestion 10 Reasons To Keep Blogging In 2016


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10 reasons to keep blogging in 2016
The new resume which identifies you in this era is a blog. So if you are having a blog the person hiring you will surf your blog. So it display all about you in your blog. So the blog itself will serve as a work portfolio. Given below are 10 reasons why you should still blog in 2016.

1. It's a resume in action

If you are a web designer or something related to web the best resume you would get is the blog as it the resume in action. It tells what you are doing and the employees may skip the interview part. If you don't own a blog try to start one blog and also include the blog in everything.

2. It increases the credibility and authority

The brand building is driving the individuals crazy and they wanted them to be presented themselves to make them increase their authority. And the early method of doing this is blogging. The most useful trick is that if you own a blog, the trust of the people on you is more. This is the same with a company as well, since the people will trust the company with a website.

3. It makes networking easier

The like mined people will get in touch with through the blogs in this competitive world. So having the right people in your network means good currency. So if you connect with the people have some skills in blogging and develop relationship with them,it is as good as saying you have those skills.

4. It's a good way to find clients

You can always start a blog that answers common questions. The thing is you need to make it useful and be sure to add your personality to it. Now it is time to show off. You are the artist and the blog is your canvas.

5. It can be a source of extra income

You can also monetize your blog once it has become popular. You can earn as much as possible, depending on the marketing of your blog. You also can place ads on your blog. Most of the income is through ads and affiliate commissions.

6. It makes you a better communicator

Writing is a most useful skill to have in these days. If you are writer you have good chances to become a good communicator. Being a good writer will definitely do wonders.

7. It turns you into a teacher

With great power comes great responsibility. This also applies for skills. You have the responsibility to educate people. This is what skill is meant to you. Most of the skills that you earn are through learning and you have to educate others about the skills you posses.

8. It force you to learn new things.
Blog is always not about writing. It is an art that is comprised of several arts. To make the blog popular learning of many things is very much important. If you start a blog and put some serious effort into it, it's definitely an opportunity to learn.

9. It helps you strengthen your mind

Apart from solidifying the skill you can also strengthen the mind by diving deeper into different topics. Blogging is a process of self-discovery. It is a great way to organize your thoughts.

10. It's easy

The results are great and it easy to blog. All you have to do is to start a blog and display your thoughts and interests. Write, improve and learn from others. It will not improve your work alone but also yourself.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Another good reason is most folks still following the old techniques that might not be helpful for them to optimize their website in an effective manner. There are the chances you nee to update yourself with new ideas and new techniques and involve yourself in practicing the new seo for 2016 and there you are with success.