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10 Surefire Tips to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Spending hours crafting a nice blog post only for it to get few to no comments at all is a great discouragement and any blogger out there can attest to this. You get the feeling that your hard work has been just in vain and you also feel wasted. But do you know that there are simple techniques that if applied correctly are going to guarantee you more comments on your WordPress blog posts? Well, here they are:


1) Ensure you have a WordPress hosting that can support the traffic in your site

It is of great importance to make sure that your hosting service provider is able to handle your site and all the PHP scripts that are run when multiple comments are submitted at the same time. If your current plan can’t handle this, consider going for a managed WordPress hosting service provider. A good example is WPEngine, which is good for large websites.

2) Allow your Visitors to subscribe to comments

Because visitors have to bookmark the link to the comments page when they leave a comment on your blog, it is not a reliable way of getting comments since some might as well forget to bookmark or forget even the name of your blog completely.

Giving your visitors a chance to subscribe to comments so that they can be following up when a new comment is posted through notifications is a proven way that works to reward you with increased traffic to your blog and increased comments.

3) Moderate comments instead of using captcha

Even though captcha is effective in blocking spam, it isn’t user-friendly therefore regular users get discouraged against commenting. Enabling manual comment moderation enables you to block spam as well as interact with your visitors more.

4) Send a notification to your visitors when you approve their comments

Because WordPress only leaves your subscribers hanging as their comment is awaiting moderation, it is your duty to send them an update that their comments have been approved. Just install and activate the plugin called Comment Approved then go to settings to configure it.

5) Always showcase those visitors who comment the most on your blog

Appreciating your loyal subscribers with a simple thing such as highlighting their names as your top commenters encourage them to comment more and also nurtures a feeling of belonging among them to your blog. Install and activate the top commenters widget from WordPress › Top Commentators Widget « WordPress Plugins.

6) Show recent comments on your blog posts

Since you might have a static home page in your blog, visitors might not be able to know whether there are conversations they can join in your blog because the comments are hidden. You can correct this by giving visitors a chance to see the current topics and ongoing discussions on your site. Go to Appearance>Widgets then add recent comments to your chosen sidebar.

7) Reply to as many comments as possible

Do not be a ghost blogger, interact with your visitors by taking part in their discussion. If you want a tool that can help you filter unanswered comments, go for the DX Unanswered Comments plugin.

8) Get plugins that allow users to rate and share comments

You can increase the interactivity of your site by using images and other user engagements, but what works well is installing De:comments plugin from de:comments.

9) Newest comments should come first

Having a lot of comments on one post usually leads to visitors seeing the old comments on top of the rest. Showcasing the newest comments at the bottom of a comment is a sure catchy way to attract more audience to your posts.

10) Turn on comments for old posts that still have many views

Even though it is usually an anti – spam technique to turn off comments on old posts, you can choose to turn on comments so that you can continue moderating them manually. Turning on comments is quite simple, just go to settings > discussions. Scroll down to the other comments section and uncheck the box next to the words “automatically close comments on articles older than X days and choose a suitable extension.

With the strategies that we have laid down for you to pick up your pace and get more comments, it is time to apply each one of them as well as those not mentioned and always stay up-to-date with new plugin updates.

Happy and successful blogging for everyone!

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Your blog post will get a lot of comments if there are many incoming traffic from organic search result. Traffic that will convert usually will leave lots of comments on your blog. To get good traffic, you must regularly update your blog with high quality content that people want to read. Make sure you do some SEO to promote your blog so that it rank well and get organic traffic for the targeted keywords. If your blog has comments, it is easier to flip it for profits.


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""you must regularly update your blog with high quality content that people want to read""
Also you can promote your blog by commenting on others blog that are relevant, this will make other bloggers curious to visit your blog and hence they will comment on your blog too if they find it useful.


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Don't allow users to comment without passing a human check test. Else you will face a lot of spam.


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I would like to install plugin for Comment Approved. This sounds to be a good idea.
I don't have captcha but it is very frustrating to delete the spam comments, I may soon install a captcha plugin. I am already doing most of these


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Comments exchanging can make a startup for getting real comments on your blog and the rest of the tips you have mentioned greatly. I am now looking to concentrate for getting more comments on my blog wit your advice.
Thanks for sharing the comment rating plugin as I never new such thing.


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Very well explained article @masterbusiness. I did experience this on my blog before when I have some comments generated. But in my own experience, most of the comments are spam related and just trying to build backlinks on their own. But they are not that smart enough, but it's a tedious work on my part to delete massive spam comments. But still it didn't stop these spammers from targeting my own blog, until I was recommended to install something that can verify them as human commentator, and not robot. But still even if they do manually, and I see that the comment wasn't relevant enough, they still don't pass.


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So true, those tips will surely work in helping you get comments to your blog posts. I know that even when you publish good content and market it the right way, you will receive a lot of comments from your followers.
Ensure you moderate all of them to avoid spam and you reply to most of these comments. People hate commenting on blogs that require them to register first before they can comment.


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Number of comments indicates the popularity of your blog. Comments also reduces bounce rate(because people will stop to write comment which makes them stay longer on the webpage). Some of my online articles have more than 200 comments.


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These suggestions are great OP. I think that there is a certain difficulty not in actually making a good Word Press blog but yes to actually gain traffic on them. However, dedication and hard work by increasing the viewership is definitely possible but it might take a long time.


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The first requirement to attract comments is that your content must be found (either through search engine or via social networks), secondly, your content must be interesting and useful. When sharing your contents on social media, you must use a teaser and hashtags


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These are all great tips OP! The more comments you get on your WordPress blogs, then more and better kinds of viewers you will receive. Discussion is the key topic in order to expand your viewer's horizons.