My Suggestion 10 Ways To Improve Your Mobile App


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We all need our apps to perform better, to get more downloads and make more money. Google tells us that over 1 million Android devices are activated each day; certainly, it can’t be that hard to get 1 million downloads right? Right? If you are in the Android app Development Company before you know that getting a lot of active users is easier said than done, but it’s not difficult.

Whether you are creating Android apps from scratch with Java and the Android SDK, or by a rapid app builder like Andromo App Maker for Android to develop your apps, this article will provide you with some guidelines and techniques for driving more users to your app which will result in more downloads, more installs and eventually more profits. Apps can succeed without following these tips, and they can also make poorly even if you do follow these tips, but by following all or some of these instructions you will be onward of those that do not.


Your goal should be to develop the best app you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you develop a good mobile app you’re already on the right track. Wrapped up in this idea of a “good mobile app” is the theme matter. Depending on the type of app you are generating (and the reasons why) it’s also essential for you to choose the right subject matter. That can be something that you are passionate about, a very widely held subject, a subject that appears to be requiring in apps, or a subject that you think is about to be popular.

Remember it’s not just total downloads that total, it’s also active users. The more people that really use your app the more money you will make. You don’t make any money off of those people that instantaneously uninstall your app. A good viewing app that provides meaningful, useful, or timely content will keep users coming back for more.


Google Play is perhaps going to be the most important market available for your app so uploading your app there is a given. This means that it’s also a specified that you will need your app to perform really well on Google Play. Luckily Google has taken the time to let you know what they required from you when you upload your app there.
You should follow these guidelines:
  • Publishing Checklist
  • App Quality Guidelines
Now since you are probably using Andromo App Maker for Android to develop your mobile app, we’ve now paid attention to what’s required as far as the code goes, but the rest of it is up to you. You may not be capable to do everything on Google’s list, but the more you do the well your mobile app will perform.

A very little amount of peoples want to ensure that you provide Google Play all of the assets that it is asking for. Icons, good screenshots at different device sizes, Feature Graphic, Promo graphic, and a YouTube video.


Breaking the guidelines or copying content may seem like a quick way to get some extra downloads but it’s not worth it. Breaking the rules will only offend you in the long run. Breaking any of your supporter’s terms of service will result in them prohibition your account and take whatever money is left it in. This means that your next app will have to look for another, maybe poorer performance, the advertiser.
Breaking the Google Play terms of service will see your account expelled from Google Play and possibly other Google services.


Make sure you write a good complete description of your app for any marketplace you add it to. Your description should contain lots of info about your app as well as related keywords for people searching the web (Google or Bing) and the app market. Don’t go too crazy with the keywords though, too many inappropriate keywords and Google (and perhaps other markets) will be notified and your app may get pulled.


While Google play might be the most important mobile app market out there, as hinted at above, do not ignore the others. We’ve been working on building Andromo apps more friendly with Amazon Kindle devices.
You should also look for widely held app markets around the world. Google Play is clearly the biggest, but there are some important app stores in some countries which might help you get some more downloads.
You might also need to consider porting your app to Blackberry. It’s comparatively easy to convert your Android APK using the online repackaging tools but submitting it to the BlackBerry App World. It may not be the biggest market around, but if you required some additional downloads, and your app is compatible, I suggest giving it a shot.


This is another clear step that shouldn’t be missed. If your mobile app is important to you, let other people know about it. Develop a website, a twitter account, facebook page, Google+ page, all dedicated to your app. Tweet and post about it, particularly when you release a new version, and don’t forget to let your friends know about it.


There are a lot of sites out there that are devoted to cataloging or reviewing Android apps. These are a great way for you to get seen by people either in Google searches or by regular readers of those sites.


Another clear way to endorse your app is to advertise it. You can promote on ad platforms and websites such as:
  • Google Adsense
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
You can also target mobile advertisers like Mobpartner, AdMob, Tapgage, and others.
House ads, which you can configure for both AdMob and tapgage, are a great technique for you to advertise your app within other apps of yours, or a paid version of your app in your free app. The best part about using house ads to endorse your apps is their cost: free.


This is identified with different types of advancement, yet inconspicuously unique so it merits its very own tip. The fundamental thought is to discover networks or potentially regions of the web that might be occupied with your application. So on the off chance that you made an application that furnishes individuals with data on the best way to make candles, it would be a smart thought to make a post on a flame creator forum.
  • Forums and Communities
  • Facebook pages
  • Sub-reddits
  • Google Plus Communities
  • Twitter hashtags
  • Tumblr blogs
Anyplace else individuals assemble on the Internet
An expression of alert before you begin posting on each gathering and network on the planet: Many discussions look downward on spam and self-advancement, so make sure to peruse the network rules before posting. Make sure to be straightforward and told individuals that you are the creator of the application


If you have a paid app, running the special sale is a good way to attract more paying customers. You can hold your sales around holidays or anniversaries if you required. You will also see people change their App icons or Google Play assets to help promote the sale. All good ideas.
If you do run a sale, using house ads in the free version of your app is a great way to sponsor the sale.


A well-timed refresh of your app is a great way to get your old users using your mobile app again, as well as receiving your app re-listed and back in front of potential new users. The correct refresh schedule depends on the app, but once a month is a good rate for most mobile apps.
Refresh your apps with a new feature or two, some new graphics, a better description, or a new ad network or category. Keeping your mobile app updated is a good idea if you want to be successful over the long term.


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