My Experience 10 Ways You Can Share To The Open Source Community


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10 Ways You Can share to The Open Source Community

The development of information technology is more dependent on the open source community which generated opportunities never before

  • Give Positive Reviews To Our Favorite Software

Since open source developers are not usually financially compensated so the only factor which helps them to do more is motivation. It’s a human tendency that when a person is satisfied with his search he will not comment on its quality but when his search becomes confused or unrelated then he/ she will comment more bad about the quality. It gradually demotivates the open source developers

  • Ask Questions Before Giving Negative Reviews

Always think twice or analyze the reason for the problem and throw a negative review. We should remember that we are not a paid customer to throw an angry comment on the developer.

  • Help Developers Easily Reproduce Bugs

Developers need to know the exact place where the bug is or how the bug takes place which helps them to recover the software from malfunctioning. Proper review is the only thing which determines whether it is worthless or useful

  • Contribute to Support Forums

We don’t have to be a developer to contribute, it's enough if you have the existing knowledge on the topic. By this way we can keep our knowledge updated.

  • Spread the Word about Software We fond of

If you find anything useful or provide excellent coverage then you can post about that software in your blog if you don’t possess a blog then you can spread the word about in any of social media sites.

  • Recommend Features, But With Great Care

Request feature which will upgrade the software more.
Software can be improved by our valuable ideas but many don’t behave respectfully when they feature request. This act may turn talented developer out of open source community so it’s important to treat developers as partners and ask for feature request with respect.

  • Be A Software Tester

If you have interest, you can participate as a volunteer software tester. It also increases the knowledge of development process and learns more about it. Users are informed about the testing opportunities by the open source teams.

  • Upload a Patch Or An Enhancement

It is extremely helpful for the development teams if you upload a patch or enhancement for the existing bugs. Open source teams always welcome developers as you cannot develop a new one from the scratch so easily.

  • Contribute to Documentation or Translation

Documentation plays a significant role in the development of software. The documents can be edited by any user such that everyone can contribute to clear typos or misinformation’s. Since you cannot have a prediction that every user knows English compulsorily so you can even translate in your own native language to make people understand clearly. This done by some software localization apps such as Poedit which reduces lot of work.

  • Keep Using Open Source Software

The lifetime of an open source depends upon the number of users using it and good rating of the open source which makes the beginners to use it. The most important thing is to share the open source.