100,000 Banner Impressions - FREE!

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Grand Opeing Event from Webmaster Online, sign up for an account and get 100,000 free banner impressions.

How to obtain your free banner impressions:

Create an account at Webmaster Online

Go to the For Sale/Advertising Board and place one advertisement (do not use affiliate links) make sure your post is in the "For Sale/Advertising Board", anywhere else doesn't count

What you get for making 1 post:

100,000 banner impressions

After you make your 1 post you will need to PM me here with the following information:
Your First and Last Name
Your Email (This is how you will login to check your banner stats)
Password (You can change your password for your banner stats after you login if you want to)
Banner URL (The URL to your banner hosted on your site)
Banner Link (The URL where you want your traffic to go)
Alt Text (optional)

You will also need to provide your username on Webmaster Online so I can verify your 1 post in the For Sale/Advertising area. After everything has been verified I will contact you with your URL to check your banner stats.

Please type PM sent to let me know you have sent me an email.

Not open for further replies.