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For limited time, we offer quality traffic at rock bottom prices. 100 000 geotargeted visitors for $25. This is the best PTC traffic. If you run a PTC site you cant get better traffic to your website. Visits will last 30 seconds or more.

$2 for 1 000 visits
$5.99 for 5 000 visits
$9.99 for 10 000 visits
$15 for 50 000 visits
$25 for 100 000 visits

We are offering also general email traffic (mostly targeted on free advertising and make money on internet). All emails are readed by real people and they have opted in to recieve these emails, so no SPAM. I can send emails that you send me or i can write them by myself for $10 per email.
I can also provide you with realtime stats on how much clicks the link is receiving daily and from where the visitors are coming from.

Im sending to about 1000 safelists with 3 - 5 000 000 members. These are high responsive lists (10-30%).

The prices are:

$1 per 1000 emails.
$8 per 10 000 emails.
$35 per 100 000 emails.
$100 per 1 000 000 emails.
$150 per 5 000 000 emails.

100% Money back guarantee:
If for some reason you will be unhappy with our services we will return you
100% of the money in 30 days.(Money back guarantee apply only to normal services and not promotional offers)

We will give out 3 test offers for free to members who have 50+ posts. 1000 PTC visits or 1000 emails to our targeted safelists(Free advertising,Making money on internet)


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I am still waiting your reply. I need to know PTC. Can you tell me more information about PTC traffics here. how can I run PTC for a forums.sfinances.com because it is forums not a static site.
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