Tutorial 12 Facts About Domain Names

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer

The registration of domain name started in 1985, when there is only a total of 6 domain names registered. The report from Verisign claimed that there are more than 265 millions domain names registered around the world up to date. Everyday, people are registering domain name and adding more information on the web by updating their site. Domain name is the address that a user must enter into the browser in order to come to a website. Up to date, there are more than 150 millions domains registered on the web. There are a lot of interesting facts about domain name that many people don't know about. This article let you know some important information about domain name from the time it enters into the market.

Fact #1
The first domain registered on the web is Symbolics.com. Symbolics.com was first registered on the 15th March 1985. The domain is owned by a company called Symbolics Computer Corporation. Symbolics Computer Corporation initially purchase the domain for their computer development company. The site now offer advertising spots on the homepage. Advertising on the homepage of the oldest domain domain.

Fact #2
The person who registered for the highest number of domains in a day is Mike Mann. Mike Mann broke the record for registering 14,962 domains in a single day When asked the reason why he purchase so many domains in a day, he said he is just greedy and want to dominate the whole world wide web.

Fact #3
Are you thinking of buying 3 character .com domains to flip? The bad news is that all 3 character domains have been taken no matter what character you use including letters, and numbers. There was no more 3 character .com domain if you try to search for it on the domain register as they are all taken by 1997. This means that you cannot register it at the normal price anymore. If you want it, you will have to pay a premium price. Most domains that consist of 1 – 2 characters are also taken.

Fact #4
The standard length of a domain name is 63 characters but rarely does a domain name has so many characters.

Fact #5
You also won't be able to register any .com with repeated A alphabet up to 63 characters. For example, a.com, aaa.com or a x 63 times repeated .com are all gone.

Fact #6
Do you know that domain names are initially free to register up until 1995. When the commercial values of domain names have been realized, domain registrars were set up to sell domain names. The cost of the domain name in 1995 is quite expensive as you have to spend $100 to purchase it. After two years in 1997, the price of the domain drop to $70. the price continues to drop even after the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) have been set up.

Fact #7
The most expensive TLD is the Nigerian domain extension .ng which costs $40,000 to register per year. The most expensive new TLF is .RICH, which costs $1999.00 register per year.

Fact #8
The Soviet Union, which is represented by the extension, .SU, remains active with more than one hundred domain registrations up to date. This shows that people in the Soviet Union still have interests in website building despite the unsettled condition there.

Fact #9
The most expensive domain ever sold is carinsurance.com which was sold for $49.7 million in 2010. The group that acquired carinsurance.com is the same company that acquired insurance.com. Insurance.com was acquired at $49 millions.

Fact #10
Some domain names are reserved and cannot be used. No one is able to register Example.com and Example.org as they are reserved for private use. The RFC 2606 Act reserves certain a selection of domains for special use. Other domains that have been reserved for special use and cannot be registered for personal use are Test.com, Example.com, Invalid.com and Localhost.com.

Fact #11
Before Google.com was registered, the founders, Larry Page and Sean Anderson wanted to choose the name Googol. Googol is a term defined as the one followed by one hundred zeros. Both of them made a spelling error when searching whether Googol was available. In the end, they make up their mind to register Google.com.

Fact #12
YouTube.com was registered on a Valentine Day on the 14th February in 2005. YouTube has three founders including Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawe Karim. They were all ex-employees of Paypal who initially created the video sharing site so that people could upload, share and watch videos for free.