My Experience 14 Linkedin Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business In 2016


Yellow Belt
LinkedIn Marketing Tips


Linkedin is not just for professionals or job seekers. You can even use linkedin for promoting your business. Linkedin also adds to your digital marketing strategy. Linkedin is nothing but a professional social network where you can find jobs and you can join them. Unlike other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, linkedin has a direct access to the customers. As linkedin has a total different audience linkedin marketing requires a total different kind of approach. So here are 15 points which will help you learn find new customers, create new contacts and at last grow your business at a high level.
  • Stay on customers' radars
You must help the customers to find their correct people, if someone asks for people who make high quality customers we show them and introduce them. And we keep on a track of them and we post about them and how our team works to help the customers.
  • Grow your email marketing list
I recommend everyone to write a crafted letter, saying thank you for getting connected in linkedin. Linkedin only allows only 50 letters. Give a link to them for directly to sign-up for their email sign-up. Say them what and all they get when sign-up etc.
  • Use Sponsored Updates
A sponsored update can be an excellent way to promote thought-leadership content useful primarily to the targeted audience with a strong call to action. People are not ready to see pure advertising and they are in need of anything which is free. By promoting using linkedin sponsored update, an industry can get lots of audience, visitors.
  • Post high-quality content
If you post good quality content on how to do their jobs better or how to solve a problem and also say you as a leader of that place. This leads to more business, if you show them real value.
  • …and go viral
Posting something directly into your linkedin time-line is very powerful. If the post got some visibility then linkedin will put that back in a category. If done this gets viral and will be read by thousands of viewers.
  • Give a face to your employees
Get many employees possible and ask them to complete their profile and ask them to post their own photo and appropriate job history.
  • Join groups — and stay active
The only advice to owners of small business owners is to join one of the groups related to their job. So that they can hear what they talk and also react to the offers given. You could even talk to them.
  • …and create your own LinkedIn group, too
Create an own linkedin group and also join in other group who are like-minded like you. Start to send them private message and ask them to join in their group. So that you can have all like-minded people in the same barrel.
  • Make your Company page matter
`It is important to have a completed profile of your company. Whatever posted in your site must be consistent. This makes an impression that the company is active. If your company profile has not been updated for months it is better, not to have one.
  • …and don't forget to claim your custom URL
It is important to claim custom URL. This is very useful for those who have potential clients. Clients will Google up for your name if you got one you shall be on the top of the search.
  • Complete the Summary section on your own profile
The summary is the overlooked section which one can enter about 2,000 characters. These are looked by all the viewers. Most of the people before connecting will see their summary. Even though it is somewhere it will be easy for people to find one.
  • Think of it as a numbers game
Linkedin marketing is more science and less art. Instead of spending dollars in conference I could pay in linkedin and spend few hours.
  • Avoid hard selling
Change according to the trends in linkedin. So try to read and discover linkedin. Apply content marketing and inbound marketing, apply these. There are many sales rep in linkedin. So don’t become one of them.
  • Start with connections, then build relationships
Linkedin is the one which is used to connect professional. They must find one they can connect according to their needs.


Yellow Belt
I agree with making your business known by widening your connections and building your brand. In LinkedIn, it is also essential to collaborate with community features since this is the venue where your business representatives could build relationships.