Tutorial 15 ways to increase facebook likes

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So, as you can see, increasing the Likes on your Facebook page may not be of make-or-break importance in your social media campaign, but it is certainly a worthwhile strategy to pursue especially considering that it costs no money and minimal time to do so. Here's now.

  1. Ask friends, family and colleagues to like your page, especially when working to build up fans in the early going.
  2. Have a large Like Us On Facebook image on your website's homepage or an a targeted landing page.
  3. Include a link to your Facebook page in electronic signatures and any other form of correspondence.
  4. Make certain portions of your Facebook page visible only to those who Like it.
  5. Generate excitement through contests, promotions and giveaways.
  6. Integrate with other social media platforms - ask Twitter followers, for example, to Like you on Facebook.
  7. Post daily updates with news articles that are interesting or related to your industry.
  8. Take vibrant, high-quality images to frame the top of your page and generate greater interest.
  9. Like other businesses or organizations in your field or your local area.
  10. Offer discounts and special promotions for those who Like your page.
  11. Advertise your page through Facebook.
  12. Use a social media marketing company.
  13. Send an email request to your subscription or mailing list.
  14. Tag people in your page's photos and encourage fans to do the same.
  15. 15. Embed videos from your site into your Facebook page.


Sound like a quite interesting post. These 15 ways are so good and i hope helpful to increase the FaceBook likes. Thanks for sharing.


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The ways mentioned here are no doubt good in increasing your Facebook likes but I feel the webpage must look attractive in order to attract the viewers attention. Its all about the impression you create on the viewers.


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Today you must make a dedicated effort to get people to join your FaceBook page. The more you are able to attract traffic to your page, the better are your prospects when it comes to brand identity, brand promotion etc. but this needs time, effort and resilience.Simple and Easy Tips to Get Facebook Fans Free free facebook likes and Fast.
1 Post A Status Update About your Page.
2 Get More Traffic by getting Others To Upload and Tag Photos.
3 Involve Related Groups.
4 Get People to Join your Page Via SMS.
5 Offer An Incentive for People to Signup.
6 Install a FaceBook Like Box on Your Site.
7 Install a Like Button On Your Friends' site.
8 Link to Your Page as a Place to Employment.
9 Allow Commenting on Your Landing Page.
10 Get Business Card Promoting Your Page.
11 Include a Link to Your Facebook Page in your Articles.
12 Remind your friends to Like and Share Your Page.
13 Use Attractive Profile Picture.

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Thanks for creating this post, I really very happy to get this knowledge about increasing Facebook likes.


No doubt, this post is great to share.. But according to me with this, Facebook not allowed you to do this, it may treating you spammer and may disallow you..


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Agree with msherry and socialpinplus points to increase Facebook likes. These are the most effective methods to do so. Among those "#2. Have a large "Like Us On Facebook" image on your website's homepage or an a targeted landing page.", "#10. Offer discounts and special promotions for those who Like your page." and "#6 Install a FaceBook Like Box on Your Site." are the most effective as per my personal opinion.
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