187 Ride or Die fires up

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Yellow Belt
Guns, gangs and gasoline is the order of the day in Ubisoft's upcoming automokiller

Originally revealed by Ubisoft at last year's E3 as Notorious Die to Drive, the French publisher has now confirmed new details about its 'urban-themed combat racing game', including a summer release date and a new name.

Now called 187 Ride or Die, the game promises gang warfare on four wheels set against that infamous thug battleground, Los Angeles.

Players will assume the role of Buck as he defends his gang's turf against a rival crew of armed and mobile miscreants from the comfort of his ride - as these new shots illustrate quite beautifully.

The game will feature the vocal talents of rising stars such as Larenz Tate (Menace II Society) and Noel G (Training Day), as well as a 'banging hip hop soundtrack', although no track or artist details have been revealed as yet.

In addition, and amongst the various game modes, will be the option to play online in every format, with the exception of Gamecube, of course.

If this sort of gangsta shizzle is your kind of thing, take a peep at the hot new shots on the right for a closer look.

187 Ride or Die will be released for Gamecube, PS2, Xbox and PC in the summer
I guess this is supossed to be Ubisofts response to Grand Theft Auto. I sure hope its good because its gonna take a load to catch Rockstar.
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