Tutorial 20 Tips That Will Help You Write Quality Articles


Choose the topic. The first thing you should be clear about is what you want to talk about, the most logical thing is to write about something you know well, otherwise, you will have to invest a previous time in documenting yourself. Write always on a solid knowledge base.
It provides useful content. When choosing a topic, also think about what kind of information can be useful for your readers, offer interesting content that they can apply in their private or professional life.
Structure your article Before you start writing, think about all the topics you want to touch in your post, this will help you to focus the writing and not leave behind any point you want to address.
The first paragraph is fundamental. It agrees to think very well the first lines of your post since of them it is going to depend and much that people continue reading. In this first space, you must make very clear what the rest of the article is about.
It offers different levels of information. The article should focus on what you want to tell, but it is very convenient to add links to other posts, inside or outside your blog, dealing with issues that you reference collaterally for those who wish to expand the information.
Take care of the narrative. This is a very important aspect, you must be very careful with the way in which you expose your subject, there are many techniques to generate "engagement" (engage the public with reading) but one of the most effective is the "storytelling" or narration of stories, especially if they are based on real events and much more if they are part of your own experience (small anecdotes)
Adapt your language to the audience that reads it. In general, you should use a simple language, which is easily understandable if you have to use technical terms, take advantage of them to link them to sites where they can expand the information.
Highlight the main ideas. Facilitate the work to whoever reads you by highlighting with bold or highlighting with a different color the fundamental points of your article.
Use lists to list and organize ideas or concepts, in addition to synthesizing the information, helps the reader to assimilate the content.
Good if it's short, twice good. Try to be concise, which does not mean you skimp on words. It touches all the relevant aspects, but try to build paragraphs that are not too long and always get to the point, avoiding detours.
Write properly and without spelling mistakes, I think no explanation is necessary.
Create a catchy title. The title is the first contact of the reader with your article, not only must summarize the content of it but also should draw your attention.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Support our explanations in the multimedia material is a fantastic idea, use infographics, diagrams, mind maps, presentations, images and videos that illustrate and reinforce your content.
Think well what image you want to appear as highlighted in your post. Like the title, the featured image of the post (an image that appears next to your article on social networks, in the summary of articles on your blog and in the feed ) should summarize the content as well as draw the attention of the public.
Write with your head, but leave reflected what you feel. The articles with which I have most learned and enjoyed are those that have moved me and have done so because the people who wrote them have been able to transmit strength and affection in their presentation.
Add categories to your posts, especially if you have many articles, it is a fantastic way to have the information organized and therefore will help the public that enters your blog to quickly find what you need.
Invite participation, remind your readers that they have a comment area where their opinions are welcome. Enter a point of controversy (without disrespecting anyone) to encourage debate.
Spread your content, once you are satisfied with what you have written, share your post through social networks and content healing tools.
Add hashtags or tags to follow your audience on social networks, the scope of your publication will be much greater.
It is grateful to be well born, appreciates the interaction with your content if someone spends their time to complete the information you have shared or spread your content, it is the law to thank the gesture.