24: The Game revealed.

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Yellow Belt
Sony Europe has announced that it's bringing 24, the insanely popular TV show, exclusively to PlayStation 2 this autumn.

Developed by Sony's Studio Cambridge, players will slip into the busy shoes of Jack Bauer and his fellow CTU agents, dropping into the action somewhere between seasons two and three - a tantalising prospect for fans of the show, as it promises to fill holes in the story arc.

A variety of styles will feature in the 100 plus missions, including the inevitable action-heavy shooting, some stealthy bits and a variety of behind the wheel, tyre-screeching driving sections.

Principle stars of the show, including Kiefer Sutherland and Elisa Cuthbert, have all been digitised to appear in the game, while the 24 production team has collaborated closely with Studio Cambridge to ensure the game remains true to the source material.

Of course, with games like Primal and Ghosthunter in their portfolio, Studio Cambridge is evidently more than capable of doing justice to the licence, although they will certainly be hoping that the 24 branding will flourish Sony with a heftier payday than their previous titles.
I dont think this is going to be anygood. When the show was out I didnt like it and the game, Im sure wont be anygood as well.
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