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My Experience 25 Freelance Job Sites For Designers And Programmers

Discussion in 'Freelancer Forum' started by selvaa, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. selvaa

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 20, 2015
    +56 / -0
    25 freelance job sites for designers
    And programmers

    To help you with given below are the best 25 freelancing job sites to help you with your projects.

    • Freelancer: To get a best bid from the gamut of skilled web designer copywriters or freelance programmers, you can post a project in this website.

    • Elance: Freelance popular portal is elance. It is place to meet professional with business, technical and marketing expertise to get work done at affordable prices.

    • Upwork: The online market place for freelancers and employers is upwork with an average budget is around 5,000$.

    • Toptal: The hiring marketplace for the programmers is toptal. You can apply as a freelancer and work with top tech companies.

    • 99designs: It the place where the companies will get their logos done. The designers get amount if the design is chosen.

    • Envato studio: It a place to find freelance gigs from the world for the creative and the developers. You can apply and if chosen you can name your piece for your service.

    • Fiverr: Fiverr is a place that you should give a shot as a freelancer. Price is $5-$10. And it is a place to gain experience.

    • Stack overflow careers: It provides job listing of tech companies from all over the world. You need stack overflow account to apply for jobs.

    • Dribble: You can post hire me button once you are a member of the pro account. The companies looking for freelancers may hire you.

    • Behance job: The job list of the page has both productivity and creativity.

    • WordPress: The jobs posted here are the plugin development, theme customization which is related to wordpress.

    • LinkedIn: It is a site for professional. Once you sign up you can look for freelance jobs.

    • Smashing jobs: A place to find programming and designing jobs and also other jobs.

    • Guru: It is place where the industries offer professional from all over the world.

    • Krop: This site is for creative professionals. Whether you are looking for job or looking for professionals you can find both in here.

    • MeFi jobs: You can search and share jobs with other members of the sites.

    • Coroflot: It is site for creative professionals: design firms posts job openings and designers post portfolios.

    • Problogger jobs: The people who wish to get income from blogging with enjoy this site. This site may lead you to some of the blogging jobs.

    • Dice: Here you can find only the technology jobs. You can here find the exact technology position you are looking for.

    • WPHired: The wordpress developers can find big opportunities in WPHired for a freelance an intern or a full time position.

    • WeWorkRemotely: As the name says you can to the jobs from the homes. Jobs range from design to programming and developing to executive positions.

    • Hirable: It is a place where the freelancers and the employees can meet.

    • Crew: It opens up opportunities for freelancers to apply to work on projects.

    • io: It has been successfully delivering freelancers for companies. You need to fill with great codes and repositories to apply for job.

    • LocalSolo: It is a place to find local freelancers in many countries for a wide range of expertise.
  2. steve taylor

    Yellow Belt

    Feb 12, 2016
    +25 / -0
    Your post is very helpful.
    It is help anyone he not know best freelancing website.
    I also resister with some website and i have a good experience like freelancer and up-work.
    But your detail description about freelancing website is very good for me It improve my Knowledge.
    I think freelancing website is best for getting any type of job.

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