My Suggestion 3 Facts You Need To Know About Paypal

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Many of you are familiar with PayPal and its importance in the online field. But let me tell you about it in short, so that new people could also know about it. PayPal is an online payment processor working for many years. It deals with currencies from all over the world. It is a fast, secure and efficient way of dealing with currencies. One can send, receive and withdraw currencies from their PayPal account. According to latest researched, It is one of the biggest payment processors in the whole world. Millions of transactions are being made in every second around the world.

Many sites are accepting money online through it. They encourage people to sue PayPal instead of any other method of paying them. PayPal is offering its services in many countries of the world. However, some countries are also blocked by it. People residing in countries like Pakistan are not capable of using its services. Due to some issues PayPal faced in some countries, it has stopped the service in them. Other countries are still able to use it for online payment processing.
Freelancers know very well about the importance of this site. It is begin used by almost all freelancing sites and even customers. So getting paid by them becomes easy for them. But if PayPal is blocked in some countries, freelancers face the biggest problem. They can’t take money from clients who use it. This reason becomes one of the biggest issues in freelancing business.
Now that was a little introduction about this important payment processor. Let’s have a look at some facts about PayPal every freelancer must know:

1) Choose the Account Wisely
You must know about the account types on PayPal. It is offering three different account types for people all over the world. These are:
  1. Personal
  2. Business
  3. Premier
The working of all of these accounts is same but has different features. Business and Premier accounts have similarities, but a personal account is much more different from them. Personal accounts are good for freelancers, but if you choose business accounts, it won’t be a bad idea, though. It’s up to you checked about them and chose wisely. Your decision at this point can affect your overall progress in the future. Selecting the account widely in the starting of your journey is preferred by experts.

2) Multiple Accounts can’t be made by people
Freelancers usually have to receive multiple payments from clients all over the world. That’s why in some cases a problem arises for having multiple accounts. But in that case, don’t just make multiple accounts on PayPal. You will be forcing the site to block all of them at once.
They have clearly listed on their TOS and Policies that one has a single account running at a time. However, one personal account and one business account can be obtained by freelancers. It doesn’t have any issues with PayPal, but you have to use different email and credit card details on both accounts.
3) Don’t Buy Accounts

PayPal offers there service for free to eeveyrone working online. Don’t buy accounts from people who offer verified stuff for a little cost. Always make your own account and verify with real details. If your country doesn’t allows Paypal accounts, just wait and have lots of patience. Never buy an account from anyone selling it for a cost.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Paypal will upgrade your personal account to business account automatically if you are doing business online. They will send you an email to notify you about it.

steve taylor

White Belt
Nice suggestion I am using Paypal service from last one year . It provide great service. It have automatic withdrawal option so when money available in Paypal account it will be automatically withdrawal in my local account this option is very good option there is no need to go to account and withdrawal money manually.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
PayPal has different scenario for different countries like the one @steve taylor has said he loves the automatic withdraw of the money in his PayPal balance within 24 hours to the bank. It is automated process and no one will have hold on it. You can do withdraw once you receive the money or it will withdrew itself.
Personal account still not valid with PayPal India, they have just business account for us and so the higher rates to receive/send the money.

Doominic anderson

White Belt
All the three facts mentioned by Mr.Manish is absolutely right,Paypal is much more famous and used by maximum freelancer because of its free service,so, there is no need to buy any Paypal account from anyone,you can make your own account.
Choosing account type is also important,you have to analyse yourself for which purpose you are going to making an account.


Well-Known Member
Paypal will upgrade your personal account to business account automatically if you are doing business online. They will send you an email to notify you about it.
Mine gone it like similar thing, once I did business and they upgraded automatically. Presently I am using on one of my family members name to save some percentage.. Only a small fee will be higher than personal account.