Help Me/Question 3 Million Google Plus Views

Nocturnal Writer

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I won't believe my eyes to see my Google Plus account views which has reached to 3,071,826. With such huge views from Internet browsers, users, researchers or whatever, how could In interpret that? What do those figures want to tell me?

I want those who are in the know could expound that and help me on how I could use them to benefit my blogs in the world wide web or plainly Internet?

Could that be the good basis for search engine optimization?


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The total number of views in your Google plus profile indicates the times that your content has been seen by other people and these include your posts, photos and profile page. However, it is always advised to value substantive content as well as the engagement that page owners could build from that. Like they always say, people who have influence on the site are those who value quality over quantity.

steve taylor

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3,071,826 wow you have 3 millions google view.
I suggest you when you have not own website then develop your own website and share on your google account Then see your website click is increase suddenly.and you make very much money from your website.
You have a great opportunity. Or if you not interested in develop a website Them setup a eCommerce.

Manish Mishra

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It must be something specific that helping your Google+ page to get some ranking in Google search results. This is the only possible way to get this more views. I am wondering no member has asked you for the URL.

niranjan kumar

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As you say you have a lot of view in your google plus account and you want earn some money from your google plus views. But it's not help you too much. Either you have a 3 millions followers in google plus, if you are able to do this, you can earn a good money form your google plus account.

Swati Mishra

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Google+ views is an impression that how many people have been visiting your profile page. This can be because of several reasons and you need to figure out before you attempt to maximize your business with that.


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Try adding a website in your profile, share stories using a website, so you know the value for using Google plus. Google plus is a best method for promoting blog posts and also it helps in boosting Serp's.

Keep sharing content on time to time, you will be seeing more good results from them.

Zirkon Kalti

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Did you buy those views? Are they real views? Why don't you try sharing your site on your Google Plus account and see what happen. If you have a local business, you can add onto your Google Plus and people will be able to easily find it.