My 2 Cents 3 Things You Must Do Before Building Your List


It's Game Time!
It was already proven that building a list is an effective way for us to make money online. I have heard from other internet marketing forums that they’re saying “the money is in the list”. I think that’s true, because it’s where the list building gurus are banking huge amounts of commissions every day from the products they are promoting. But in order for you to be like them, you should try ask them some questions. But for me, probably they’ll never entertain you. They are just focusing on increasing their subscribers and having no time for giving tips and tricks for free. If you really want them badly, I suggest that you should look for list building courses that reveals secret tricks and tips to make you earn like them.

But of course, they can reveal their secrets to you as well, only if you pay them money. I bet that they’re going to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars just for the secrets. But the truth is, the secret in list building is all about giving value to your subscribers first. First things foremost, what kind of value are we going to give to our subscribers? What can we find in order to give them value like no other?

I would like to share a bit of experience with list building. In my first attempt of list building, I was promoting a free SEO eBook, and I target those who are having troubles in ranking their websites. I use Aweber as my autoresponder that time (no doubt this is the best out there), but my motivation ran off. I was not giving enough value to them because I promoted the product directly instead of giving free information. During that time, I was a newbie and I had no idea how to really build a huge list of subscribers. I stopped list building after I hit more than 100 subscribers, because I was complaining that I didn’t made money at all.

In other words, my perspective in list building was wrong. In list building, we should undergo the real process that it takes time to make money with list building. On my next attempts with list building, it gets any better and I see some good results. But here’s the problem. I have financial issues and I forced myself to cancel my Aweber subscription. But you know what? I have learned something on how list building works.

In order for you to start your list building, you need to know these three things that I am going to mention right now.


Tip #1: Be clear what your intentions are

Before you are going to implement in building your own list, you really have to know what are your true intentions to the subscribers. Are you building your own list just to promote products and make money? If this is your answer, you are not gonna last long. But if your intention is to help your subscribers get what they want before making money, eventually you are going to last long in list building. It is important for us to correct our intentions to the subscribers.


Tip #2: You need to know what they’re looking for before subscribing

Once your intentions are clear to the subscribers, the next thing you do is to know what they are exactly looking for? Are they looking for free information? Tips and tricks? Solution to their problems? This is something that you need to do as you are going to build your own list. For example, if you are in the SEO niche, you must try to put yourself into the shoes of the subscribers. If you are doing SEO, I know you are desperate in looking for strategies that can rank your website in no time. You definitely need to provide something of value by giving them a free video or eBook about it, in exchange of entering their name and email address on the list. After that, you can promote your product later on with the product’s email sales template.


Tip #3: Let them know how your product or service can help them after subscribing to get free information

You can use this tip after implementing the two above. Make sure that when you are promoting a product through your list, just let them know how it can help them, no matter what niche you are in. Don’t do this one without implementing the first two tips. Your goal is to help them before making money, not by means of promoting products just to make some money.

I must tell you that once you’ve applied these three things above before building your list, for sure you’re going to be a winner and may make a living with list building and email marketing. Just never give up on the process, embrace it and one day you’ll finally succeed.


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This is a good material to save time and effort in continuously sending mails to a defined distribution list. It is very important to take note of the client's needs, preference and interests so you'll know how to present your product or service without annoying the client.