My Suggestion 4 black hat seo techniques you must avoid

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Google is the most powerful search engine nowadays. It controls the major part of search market and cheating on Google won't get you any profit. There were people that tried to beat Google, but failed. Google always finds a way to stop any black hat tactics that attempt to manipulate the system.

Black hat SEO techniques are the one that try to unfairly influence search engine results. Google is insistent on tracking down these tactics and removing “spammy” sites from search engine results. However, some SEO companies still use such techniques.

Here is the list of the top 4 black hat SEO techniques. It is not recommended to use these practices or your website will get excluded from the search results very fast. - unlimited linux hosting

Doorway pages are not visible for the site visitors but set up to rank high in the search engines. In most cases, these pages are often stuffed with keywords and illegible content. However, to a site visitor the page looks completely normal. This technique is too risky to use.

2. Content Scraping

Content Scraping stands for using the software that generates content from other websites in the search results and steals it. This action will result in immediate site penalty. Every site content must be always unique and valuable to the audience. So do not use tactics that are even remotely similar.

3. Hidden Links

At the beginning of Google functioning, more links you had on a page ranked you higher. This tactic is considered “spammy” nowadays. However, this doesn't stop people from using the hidden link trick. They make the links the same color as the background, so the viewer sees plain text but the search engine sees links.

Make sure you are using a good internal linking strategy. Keep in mind that your links act like votes for your website as you build trust in your industry.

4. Keyword Stuffing

Some people think that more keywords on their site is better. They are wrong here. An excessive amount of keywords within a web page makes Google think you are manipulating the system. Remember that your content should be natural. How to know if you are keyword stuffing? In case you add any keywords to your page after it is finished, re-read the content to see if it sounds natural. A high percentage of keywords within the page could get your site penalized. Just make sure your site content reads well and sounds natural.
Stay away from any activities like the ones above. Google's algorithms are consistently updated to remove these sites from its index. You may not worry about being penalized by search engines if you continue to generate unique and quality content. Quality is better than quantity. - unlimited linux hosting
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Black hat SEO is just a short cut to come higher in search engine raking by an unethical manner which is not recognized by the search engines.


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Black hat is simply manipulating the search engine results pages using a number of methods including:
- hidden text and hidden links;
- cloaking - described above as showing one page version to engines and another version to real users;
- taking part in link schemes, especially automated;
- using doorway pages, i.e. pages built only to set up a cookie on user's computer


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Not only hidden links you need to avoid. Any hidden content on your website it's a blackhat SEO.


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Nowadays very difficult to say that even good websites doesn't use black hat SEO. For example we all know that exchanging or traiding links isn't a White Hat but many webmasters still use it.
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