My Experience 4 Fiverr Rules Everyone Must Follow In 2016

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
As many of you must have knowledge about Fiverr. It is one of the biggest networks working for freelancers these days. It is a micro gig site, and you can get hired by people from all over the world. They will pay you money by using Fiverr, and it will send it to your payment processor. It is a secure and easy to use interface. Even a newbie in freelancing can understand the Fiverr interface. Now after the introduction let’s come back to the point. While working on Fiverr, you have to follow some rules. These are made by Fiverr organizations and must be understood by everyone.

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of people in this network is just because of these rules. People don’t focus on them and break any of the rules. In the result, they get suspended from Fiverr, and all the money is lost forever. Fiverr also blocks multiple account usage on the same PC. That’s why you will face trouble while creating the account again. It’s advised by experts to protect your account from getting limitations by Fiverr.

In this article, I will list those rules that should be followed by every seller on Fiverr. Let’s see what these are:
1) Contacting Customer Support at First Sight

If you are working on Fiverr and got some troubles, don’t worry and contact the customer support. They are here to help you and will solve your issue at any cost. You should contact them if you feel anything suspicious on your Fiverr profile. It includes buyer’s misbehaviors or anything about selling your services.
Sometimes people on Fiverr are spamming the sellers. They place orders and then after receding service from you; the person will ask for refund or order cancellation. Even if you have done everything correctly and provided the required services, you will be asked for the refund by the spammer. At that time, you should immediately contact the CS team and explain your issue. They will block the user, and you won’t have to give a refund. In the same way, you can contact them for any similar issues.

2) Never Provide Personal Information
While working on Fiverr, you have to stay on their platform all time. Don’t try to provide personal information to the buyer. You will be banned immediately by the Fiverr staff if they catch you contacting the buyer outside of Fiverr. It is clearly written in their TOS, and they want you to follow it.
Many people neglect this rule and use different tricks for contacting the buyer. Some people even get success, but some got caught and get their account suspended. Therefore, it is good for you to save your account and don’t violate this important rule.
3) Fiverr is only responsible within their platform

If somehow you have contacted the buyer outside of Fiverr and have a deal with him/her, Fiverr is not responsive for any type of scamming. They have written this clearly in the rules that they are not responsible for activities outside of their platform.

4) No fraudulent activity should be done here
Fiverr has appointed a separate team for their profile analysis task. The purpose of which is to analyze each Fiverr buyer and the orders they process. They monitor fraudulent activities on the profiles and orders. If they detect anything suspicious, the account will be limited and further more suspended.

Final Words
These rules are made for your benefits and to prevent frauds on Fiverr. So you should respect their policy and don’t break laws here. Or else they will take strict actions against you and your overall career. Your account will be suspended, even if you are earning millions from their network.