My Experience 4 Most Common Problems Programmers Face

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
is a vast field, and many people love it. A lot of people join programming every day and test their skills. Some gee success and others leave it. Programming is not a task that can be learned quickly. It’s just like learning another language. You can say that a person learning to program feels like a US Citizen learning German. He/ She will face lots of problems and issues during this process. One can’t get command over the language in a few days. It takes years for becoming an expert in any programming language.

At the beginning of your journey, you will find it easy writing small programs. Afterward, when you will came up top big projects where complicated programming is necessary; you will understand what programming means. Don’t feel disappointed at this stage; everyone has to pass from this situation in his life. When starting out programming, people face lots of problems. Learning programming is complicated but not that much as people say so. One can easily get professional in any programming language, by investing time and efforts. However, complete concentration and focus are required while doing this. In this article, I will mention the four biggest problems programmers usually face. Read them as a whole and try to avoid them in your career.

Making Proper Mindset for Programming
Programming is difficult for everyone but especially for people not taking an interest in it. Before learning to program your mind must be free from tensions or boredom. Don’t start programming if you are not feeling well. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time only. Make proper mindset and choose the right time for doing it. This one of the primary cause of failure of programmers in industry, you should always do programming with a calm mind.

Selection of Programming Language
This factor is one of the most important steps in the overall journey, a successful programmer never goes with multiple languages in the beginning. A newbie programmer must always select one language and stick to it, after getting fluent enough in that language, one can move forward towards others. But at the start only learn one language. I recommend C++ or C# for your first language, or you can choose by your choice. Afterward choose proper compiler for the language. You can’t run programs without a compiler installed on your computer. Go to YouTube and search for the lectures related to that language. Properly selection of tutorials is also important for programmers. You can’t learn the language on your own. Learn from experts that teach for free. At this stage, many programmers don’t learn from experts and start on their own. It’s also good but not useful in the beginning.
Compiling Errors

These errors are really annoying for programmers these days. After writing a whole program and relaxing for a while. We get noticed about an error in the program. The compiler doesn’t run the program, rather gives the error while compiling, this can’t be avoided at all because every langue is strict. No programming language out there, allows you to miss-write syntax. It is important for you to use proper syntax for different commands in the language. Many programmers neglect this and write the program in a hurry. Afterward they have to proofread the program and check for errors. That’s why we should write the program with patience and avoid syntax errors.

Debugging Irritates a Lot
One of the biggest problem programmer’s faces is in the debugging process. Imagine you wrote a whole program including thousands of line. All of them comprising of a bunch of codes in them. After that the program didn’t run successfully. Were you pretty sure of your skills? Huh! But the program got an error and you have to fix it. This process is called debugging, where you need to find a bug/error in your program. It can take weeks for a programming with no experience, to debug a program successfully. These skills can only be obtained by hard working and experience. No one can teach the skills of debugging. That’s why you should check for errors in the start of your program and onwards. Never let the bug exist after you have written the whole program.

steve taylor

White Belt
You are right, These problems are normally faced by beginners programmer. In the industry there is a well trained team for program in specific programming language and the language decided by the programmer after the analysis of the problem. so there are no much problem occur.