Help Me/Question 404 Crawl Errors Issue

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Hello Everyone,

I read before few days on Barry's blog that Google WMT is going trough issues with 404 crawl errors. I removed whole errors but still I am getting a lot of similar crawl errors during this days. I have uploaded new sitemap.xml on my site but I am totally confused with this because I am removing daily 100+ crawl errors. We are in Top 10 classified site in India and it's bad signs of optimization. Please share any good solution so we can imrove well. Please share any specific solution. Please don't share any generic answer like how to remove crawl errors, etc.



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You must check what is the urls that return 404 errors. If you don't have such pages and did not create them then the problem might be with your sitemap. 404 errors does not affect on your site rankings but still it is better to find the problem.
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