My 2 Cents 5 Email Marketing Trends For 2016


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Email marketing was forgotten for quite a while but has now come back, revitalized and more focused than ever before. 2016 looks like it is going to be a terrific year for email marketing. Let's take a look at 5 killer trends which you won't be able to ignore in 2016:

Gmail will step up its game

Gmail has been left behind by a number of new email service providers with their new look approache. But 2016 looks like the year for a huge turnaround for them. By enhancing their design and viewing standards, they will be offering a refurbished feeling to subscribers.

They are most probably going to add a couple of new aspects to its service, style support for webmail and media query support for mobile apps. This will help ensure a wonderful experience on both mobile and desktop.

The rise of smartphones

In 2015, 49% of all emails were opened on smartphones. But during the last quarter, the number went up significantly. In 2016, mobile access is going to outnumber desktop access by a large margin.

As more and more businesses turn their back on desktops, mobile is silently taking over. With cloud based software becoming more popular every day, email access is set to go far beyond past boundaries.


Real time marketing is becoming very popular with the newer technologies allowing for agile and proactive feedback from users. Blast email sending doesn't garner an effective result anymore and in the future will only add to negative feedback. Email recipients are now looking for emails which are addressed to their personal taste, focus areas and preferences instead of just their name. Engaging emails have higher chances of conversion.

Video and animation

They will continue garnering more importance and finding wider application in the future. Apart from attracting the attention of subscribers, these elements can intuitively deliver suggestions and even guide recipients towards actions. The using of animations like timers can enhance click through rates quite a bit.

Aesthetic appeal will rule

The focus today is on visual effects and design. Nobody is interested in plain text emails anymore. Creating impressively designed emails is extremely easy today thanks to a number of tools. From good typographic variations to full blown images and the right mix of colors, aesthetic appeal is now going to rule supreme.

It is a systematic approach and creative focus which will help make an email campaign stand out from the rest. With evolving technology and design approaches, email marketing has now become one of the fastest transforming areas in digital marketing which can be very effective for people who are looking for ways in which they can address emerging trends.


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@fisker all are informative, but the use of smartphones in email marketing not seems to be true. Because email marketing needs fast and quick work, while smartphones is not suitable for this purpose.


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People are using smartphones more than ever for checking their mails. Cloud storage and smart apps like cloudmagic which integrates with a bunch of productivity apps, and it seems like a good solution. Off course if we are creating campaigns and stuff, then that would certainly need a laptop at the least.

Zirkon Kalti

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There is no other marketing medium that is as effective as video. You should keep the message in the video clear, short, and interesting enough for the viewers to take actions.