My Suggestion 5 Good Reasons To Use Cloud Hosting To Host Websites And Apps


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5 Good Reasons To Use Cloud Hosting To Host Websites And Apps


When it comes to professional website hosting, getting the most for your money is very important to the bottom line of your business. Without a strategic approach for saving money and getting the most out of your hosting service, you're doing the equivalent of playing "Russian Roulette" with the livelihood of your company.

In this article, we're going to cover 5 good reasons why it makes sense to use a cloud hosting service to host your websites and apps. Cloud hosting service has taken center stage in the hosting world as the most efficient, cost saving way to host online content.

Reason #1: Cloud Hosting Is The Most Efficient Means Of Website Hosting Ever Created

Over the course of the years the Internet has been available, the technologies available to host websites has evolved. The technologies used to deliver website content, downloadable apps and programs, and other online offerings has become more refined and efficient.

The available hosting options for Internet content include shared, VPS, grid, and dedicated server technologies. But when "cloud computing" was developed and released, it gave hosting companies a way to streamline their hosting packages and operate with peak efficiency.

Not only are hosting companies now able to provide their customers with stronger and more reliable server performance, but the cost to offer these cloud hosting solutions is also CHEAPER than older server technologies.

Reason #2: Cloud Computing Provides High Performance And Scalable Pricing

A highly useful benefit of cloud computing is the fact that it offers a scalable pricing structure for potential hosting customers.

In previous years, shared and dedicated servers were about all that was available. Shared servers were competitively cost efficient, but lacked the performance that cloud hosting now provides. When a shared server would "bog down" because of server overload/spikes in Internet traffic, it would cause hosting customers a lot of problems.

Dedicated servers offered a higher level of performance, but were much too expensive for the average hosting customer.

Using cloud hosting, not only is the performance of the servers more efficient and powerful, but hosting customers can choose to only pay for the resources they need, dropping the overall cost of using cloud hosting and making high performance hosting affordable for everyone.

Reason #3: Cloud Servers Are Highly Customizable And Adaptable

Cloud server technology offers more than just a higher level of hosting performance. Cloud server technology is also highly customizable using newly designed software includes and productivity improvement applications.

People who work on a cloud can not only take advantage of streamlined, super fast server response times, but can also be involved in teamwork collaboration efforts that takes place instantly.

Reason #4: Cloud Hosting Technology Is Much More Compact

Being able to host a large number of websites on a cloud hosting network without having to have a surplus of servers to do it is a major improvement in hosting technology. These days, with the help of cloud technology, massive amounts of hosting can be accomplished with far fewer servers. With all the servers on the cloud working together, all in unison when needed, content delivery is much faster and can be done in the most compact way possible.

That means less heavy lifting for data center employees and less risk of workplace injury too.

Reason #5: Cloud Technology Continues To Evolve And Make Amazing Leaps Forward

Just as cloud technology seems to be a miracle solution to overall website hosting efficiency, continual improvements in cloud technology is making substantial headway in the effort to stay on the cutting edge and provide a higher standard of hosting availability and performance.