My 2 Cents 5 Instagram Mistakes To Avoid


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Social media platforms can be very powerful means for companies to reach out to target buyers and showcase their products and services. While Facebook and twitter are being used by a lot of brands nowadays, Instagram is no less powerful! After its launch in 2010, this tool has given people and companies a visual way to tell their story and facts. While you can very well make a profile for your brand in Instagram, ensure you do not commit some commonplace and serious mistakes.

Below listed are the top Instagram mistakes your brand should evade at all costs:
  • No strategy - Using quality pictures in Instagram account to tell the story of an upcoming product or lineup is great idea. But it may go haywire if you lack a clear cut plan. Showing a development through images also needs a strategy to let the users connect with it.
  • Lack of quality - It is not just enough to publish images of the products and developments in your company in the Instagram profile. The images need to be shot aesthetically and they should stand out amongst the rest. Remember the fact average Instagram users scroll through hundreds of images and only the great ones catch their attention.
  • Not enough posts - While having focus on quality of posts is necessary when you use Instagram, the frequency also matters a lot. Some brands post more than once daily in their accounts. Of course, this can vary based on the nice and target buyers of your company but posts coming at delayed intervals is not a good thing. Once you figure out a balance between quality content and consistent posting- stick to it later.
  • Hashtag errors - Hashtags are necessary to get attention of followers on Instagram but ensure you do not do it the wrong way. Using less or irrelevant Hashtags can cost your brand. There is no fixed formula but you have to follow the profiles of your close competitors online to get an idea on using Hashtag in right ways.
  • Going overboard with promotional stuffs - Using social media services like Instagram to promote your brand’s existing or upcoming products is quite viable. But make sure all your Instagram posts are not focused on promotion. That will make the viewers less interested after a time. It is important to let the viewers know more than just discounts, schemes and coupons.

Let me and everyone know what you think of those and please let us know if you'd like to add more to that list.

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Instagram is one of the best Social media platforms that have millions users in all over the world. These are big mistakes that a new Instagram user make, 2 months has passed when my friend join Instagram & she makes some mistake while posting Instagram like no Hashtag.

So these are the common mistakes that new user always commit.


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This are mistakes to avoid using instagram :
1.Buying followers
2.Ignoring the numbers
3.Being overly promotional
4. Ignoring Instagram Stories
5.Misusing hashtags
6.Not editing your content


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I have had different social networks profiles and accounts for many years now, but still to this date haven't got around to making an Instagram one. :p