My Suggestion 5 Lucrative Ways To Make Money On Twitter


It's Game Time!

Wanna wear some bling-blings after you're making much money on Twitter?

If you're serious enough to make money on Twitter alone, then you should be reading this article once and for all. You know why? This is something you really need to know as a Twitter marketer, or someone who wants only to make money with Twitter for good. Simple as that. In this article that I have for you guys, I wanna share some lucrative ways that proves to be effective for us to make some good money on Twitter. But first and foremost, do you think it is possible for us to simply make money on Twitter for good? Of course, anything is possible as long you believe once and for all.

I would really thought in the first place that Twitter is just another social network that may be a complete time waster. But that was the first time Twitter was launched, WOW! But now look at Twitter, it was now the second most accessed social media network in the internet now. Best of all, it was already used for business purposes, and affiliate or internet marketers are already making money on this one. The first guy I've encountered that he indeed made money for just a single tweet is no other than the famous internet marketing blogger known as John Chow. For those of you who don't know who John Chow is, he is one of the most famous internet marketing bloggers up to date. I was so inspired and motivated, ever since my close buddy Daniel Lew introduced me to him. I opened his blog from time to time, since I'm a subscriber of his. Every time when he launches a brand new post on his amazing blog, I usually read all his stuff and I have learned from him.

But still, I was so blown away when he earned $500 for just a single tweet, and it's something that makes everything possible for us to simply make money on Twitter like no other. Please take note that this is most applicable for those who have a large following on Twitter. But if you are just starting to build your own followers for good, that's okay but it may take a while for you to get the results you want.

Ok without ado, here are some five effective lucrative ways on how you can make money with just using a Twitter account:

1. Tweet your squeeze page to build a list

For me, I think this is one of the most effective ways to simply make money on Twitter. Tweeting a squeeze page can build relationships to your followers. Basically, you are going to provide them some free valuable eBook, course or video that is related to the niche of your Twitter account. If you are having a huge following base, this is an advantage for you. They will simply enter their name and email address to subscribe. After that, you can do a series of follow-up emails that could possibly make money for you based on the products you are promoting.

2. Tweet about your product or an affiliate product

If you are desperate of making money immediately, you can simply promote your product or someone else through your landing sales page or review page. Please take note that you are not allowed to promote affiliate links directly, even if it's cloaked (just to be on the safe side as per Twitter TOS).

3. Tweet your money making Youtube video

People love to watch videos these days. If you are going to share some niche-related Youtube video links, for sure they would love to click on that and watch. I can prove you that because on my niche Twitter accounts, I have seen an increase of video clicks coming from my own followers. You can place a product or affiliate link on the video description to make money with it.

4. Make money using Sponsored Tweets or anything related to that

I have used this one before on my personal Twitter account as a test, and I have like almost 2,000 followers up to date. I was paid from a dollar or more in sponsoring others' tweets, but this isn't going to make a difference, but it can give you extra money of course.

5. Sell pinned post or tweet directly (don't tweet about it though)

If you have a large following on Twitter (especially if they are highly targeted and engaged on your tweets), this technique is very effective. You can sell pinned post or tweets to your Twitter account, but do not tweet it though. Instead, you can create a website or a landing page about it.

I hope these suggestions can help you a lot to get more ideas in making money with Twitter alone. Let me know if you have any questions or so.


Content Writer
Twitter has amazingly helped in popularizing products and services with the use of short, brief and catchy phrases. I agree that Twitter posts can help businesses especially if they are incorporated with high quality and relevant videos since most of the viewers now love to see graphics and visual presentations.
As usual, another very informative post from you and a good read at that. It is just amazing how much we can do now with the use of different social media sites such as Twitter.