My Experience 5 Mistakes You Should Stop Doing On Membership Sites

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
One of the most effective methods of making money from a website is having membership system. That’s why many new sites are starting their journey from a membership interface. These sites offer different memberships with prices for their readers. People can choose the membership of their choice and join the site. It is a fun way of having a side business from your site. You can use this business model along with your previous strategies. You might be using other networks for advertising on your site. Also, many people would be using Google Adsense accounts for making money on the site. This business model can be used along with any other previous methods.
Is it easy to manage a membership site?

It is a difficult task to manage a membership site. One has to work hard in the beginning and have patience. A membership site has to be handled properly before it can be sued for generating revenue. In this article, I will list a few mistakes made by new people having a membership site. Let’s have a look at it:

1) Not Interacting with Users

This is one of the beigest mistake den=one by people. It can be avoided to get good results from this business. Don’t just stuff the site with irrelevant information and neglect other facts. People are visiting your site to get something useful; they don’t want to waste their time. You need to understand your audience and interact with them. If they ask a question, you should answer to them. Let them feel comfortable on your site, rather than just running away from it.

2) Unwanted Stuff on the Site

Many new site owners keep enhancing the website and add features in it. No matter the readers of the site, require them or not. Those sites become a collection of unwanted features, which is not likes by users. They get distracted and then leave your site. An immense amount of visitors can be lost, due to this fact.

3) Not Fixing the Errors on the site

100% Efficiency can’t be obtained from any site. You must understand the fact that your sister might have errors. Test the site before launching it publicly. Even after publication of the site, you should regularly check for errors and fix them. This will help your visitors browse the white without any problems.

4) Not offering anything useful

Some people don’t have anything to share on the site. But still they start the membership system by offering free or easy to get stuff on the internet. Those sites don’t work well and have to be closed very soon. Why should people buy a thing that is available freely on the internet? You should take this into consideration and avoid it.

Collect something useful to share with your members and then start the membership business. So that members could understand the site’s importance and trust on it.

5) Not managing the funding resources

Some successful sites have to see failure, just because of this mistake they make. They are not managing he funds and use all their available fund in useless activates. In the end, no funds are left for future investment in the site.

A site can’t be managed without regular investment in it. You should manage the hosting and the domain name requirements. Along with the software/plugging, you are using on your site. These require you to invest money and you have to be prepared for these costs.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
Your interaction with users helps you in building the relationship with others.If you are showing your involvement time to time by appreciating users post, providing them feedback and giving suggestion holds their activities on forum.If any user is not getting attention in term of appreciation or any other response he feel ignored and do not show his attention in writing more blogs for your forum.