My Suggestion 5 Plugins You Must Have For Seo In Wordpress

We all know how Wordpress has enriched our lives. Among other things, what makes Wordpress more popular and useful are the plugins that they provide. Plugins are nothing but small programs, which provide unique functionalities that help enhance the overall usefulness of Wordpress.
It’s not that one needs to install all the plugins that there are. Each has a unique functionality. So be sure what you need out of the plugins, and then install them according to your needs. Let’s find out 5 of the most useful plugins which one should have for SEO in Wordpress:
  1. Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin This plugin single-handedly takes care of several things at once – adding metal value for homepage and single post, creation of sitemap file, social SEO, controlling the indexing of your blog and editing robots.txt and .htaccess. It’s high time you ditch the ALLIn One SEO plugin and start using this as it is an integration of several popular plugins, and provides you with the best functionality.
  2. Broken Link Checker We all have encounter the 404 errors. When we search for something and the search engine spiders encounter dead ends, it flashes the 404 error. This plugin is an extremely useful one considering it finds all external and internal links that are broken. Once you get the list of all such links, you can easily remove them. It is advisable to run this on a day when there’s comparatively low traffic, because it has some performance issues. It may cause problems with certain posts or while you are hosting.
  3. SEO Smart Link Wordpress plugin This, as per its name goes, is really smart and links the words you type to the link of any post. As far as on-page optimization goes, this is very helpful. Use Google’s webmaster tool and find the high ranking keywords of your site. This will help give a push to your site’s ranking. Check your internal linking and be careful of the linking algorithm used by Google, before you start using this plugin.
  4. SEO Friendly Images Image optimization is very useful when it comes to driving significant traffic from search engines specializing in images. Even 1% of traffic is a lot of traffic, if your site is more or less well-established. What this does is it adds the ALT attribute to the images you use. As far as the image name is concerned, you need to take care of that. Give more useful names to your names, which will help identify it easily.
  5. SEO by Squirrly This smart plugin enhances the quality of your blog content by making it people-friendly and SEO friendly. This not only helps improve your site’s rankings, your readers also get to read posts with good content. This plugin works best when used with the Yoast plugin. What’s more! You get to see the reports regarding your weekly stats. You can get weekly audits of your SEO and have help finding the best keywords which will help your posts get noticed.