My 2 Cents 5 Reasons Why You Should Include Google Plus In Your Arsenal?


It's Game Time!

I know most of the people right now are If you are looking to boost your business in any form. You are willing to do whatever it takes to make it to the top of everyone else. I also know that when you promote your business online, you are using the social sharing buttons of popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. But there's one social network that you can't ignore to put into your own arsenal, and that is no other than Google+.

This is simply owned by Google as their own social network. They are trying to compete against the most popular social networks in the world. In the first place, I haven't used Google+ on my own, and I really don't consider them in the first place. But what I do realize is that they are owned by the big "G" and it has a lot of potential for our businesses, websites, products and services to gain more exposure.

Few months ago, there is a certain news that Google is planning to give up Google+ because they can't compete well with the other social networks. But it seems that their never-give-up spirit is still there at least, and it convinced them to revamp their social network into a whole new level. Now with a lot of unique and out of the box features, Google+ once again is attempting to become one of the best and top social networks around the world, especially for worldwide businesses.

Here's why you should not ignore Google+ in your arsenal of social media promotion:

1. Google+ For Business Pages is indexed by Google immediately

This is something that I am really surprised and didn't realize. Too bad for me that I didn't research about the true potential of Google+ for Business Pages. Although other social networks have their own professional business pages for their users, but there's a huge difference between them and Google+. Once you have published a business page on your Google+ account, it will be automatically indexed in no time.

How cool is that huh?

2. Read business reviews with Google+ Local

If you are doing local marketing, it's too much to ignore Google+ for this. With Google+ Local, you can share and discover places you want before visiting their official website, They have a brilliant feature that users can read the reviews or important details of the business or so before they're going to visit that page. This is another cool feature that Google+ had. When you have your own local business, you better try Google+ Local for good.

3. Google+ helps your product or service rank high on Google SERPs

This has a lot of potential for you to rank even well in the Google SERPs. Do you have a website? A product or a service to promote? With Google Plus, it will bring you a nice boost of your traffic and rank because this was owned by "The Big G" itself. Although Facebook and Twitter are good enough, but Google+ is a great addition to give you more than what you've expected.

4. Youtube and Google+ are a great combo!

Right now, when you create a Youtube account for yourself, it will automatically create a G+ account as well. If you are going to combine Youtube with Google Plus in terms of sharing or generating +1's, your Youtube videos will experience a great boost into the Google SERPs, even on the first page itself. I can say that once you have uploaded the video and share or generate Google +1's, you'll see the big difference.

5. Google+ surpassed Twitter in the number of current active accounts

I know that Google+ can't surpass Facebook's number of active users yet which is more than 1 billion (and still growing), but it was surprising that they have already surpassed Twitter's numbers. More than a year ago, it was estimated that Google+ has over 340 million active users worldwide. Twitter is the second most popular social network behind Facebook, but they only had more than 270 million active accounts estimated more than a year ago. It means there's a lot of room for you to grow and dominate the market in Google+!

I would also share a video that can compliment this article of mine for you to learn more. This is all about how to promote your business and get results with Google+.

Here's the free video below:

Don't put all eggs in one basket as we speak. Always explore for other options to promote instead of sticking with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Google+ may still be considered a small market level type of social network, but it will grow exponentially. I suggest you should give Google+ a shot in your social media marketing tactics, because I am going to do it too.
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In terms of reputation marketing scenario, g+ is a great option which in itself is a product of google & once you get good reviews there, you start to get more effectivity in search rankings. Yelp, Trustpilot etc. gets behind once you have nice rankings on G pages.


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It's good to use G+ has everyone that has a google account has one, but despite that a lot of G+ remain inactive and it would take awhile before normal everyday people take advantage of G+


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This is a very detailed material that can surely entice readers to incorporate Google plus in their business page. Yes it's true that being in Google plus enables your profile or page to be ranked or indexed by Google and it is highly recommend that one will combine it with other social media sites so more followers or viewers will be drawn to your page.