My Suggestion 5 Surefire Strategies To Increase Facebook Lead Conversions


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Hey what's up to all of the members here?

You guys rock here on WMS! You know why? Not only because I have enjoyed learning here with you guys and gals, but the community is tremendous when it comes to helping each other by contributing something that you know. I am so blessed to be part of the WMS community, and I'll continue to bring more valuable information to benefit all of us here.

But anyways, I am not going to talk more on how I really love WebmasterServe Forums. I am going to talk about something that can really help you guys to generate more clicks from your friends, fans, group members and so on with your own shared content. This article is meant for Facebook marketers who are looking for some effective strategies to increase their Facebook clickthroughs to their own posts to their respective walls, fan pages and groups.

A little bit about my experience in doing Facebook marketing

As you may know about me, I'm the type of guy who wants to get more results on my affiliate and CPA offers. I am the guy who is desperate enough to make money in any form, as I really want to prove to others that I can make a difference. When I was doing Facebook marketing for the first time, I had no clue on what would I do. I just simply join Facebook groups about affiliate and internet marketing. Actually, I have joined hundreds of them, but I didn't maximize my time on that though.

I only have less time to post affiliate products and opportunities to these groups, but I realized that they are not real customers. They are just advertisers like me, but I'm lucky enough to get a couple of tiny recurring commissions from my Facebook Group Auto Poster product. But still, I was looking for something that can increase my clickthroughs every time I promote something on Facebook. As what I have researched, these surefire strategies are proven enough to work and can get a lot of clicks, traffic and potential leads and sales like no other.

By the way, here are the five strategies that can give you the experience in increasing your Facebook clicks once and for all. Are you ready to learn what this is all about? Without further ado, here are they:

1. Viral images

This is one of the most effective strategies that you can do to promote anything you want. Viral images are proven to be very effective for most of the time. You can post something like funny images, memes, comics and a whole lot more. One of my friends who is a Facebook marketer, has been taking advantage of viral images that he has in order to make some money. I was literally blown away when he revealed to me that he had so many clicks and leads on his CPA account due that he shared viral images to certain Facebook groups.

2. Viral videos

If viral images are making a stand, so do viral videos. But the difference is that people love videos more than images and content alone. The timespan of watching videos is much longer than any other content. But we do not just share general information videos on our respective niches though, but we should share something that's going to make them click. Just look for viral videos on Youtube, post it on your viral website and share it to your Facebook fan page or group.

3. Viral shocking news

This is another strategy that you should be doing to increase your Facebook clickthroughs, and that is simply sharing viral shocking news. In my Facebook news feed, I have seen shocking news that are generating millions of views and thousands of Facebook shares, and it's going viral. What you really need to do is simply look for the latest shocking news in the internet and share it on Facebook. From there, you might see hundreds of clicks to come lately.

4. Fun Polls and Quizzes

Although this may not be viral, but it's actually good if you are having lots of friends, fans and group members. You can share a fun poll or quiz that is related to your Facebook fan page or group. For example, if you are owning a Facebook fan page about soccer, you can create a poll or quiz on your website about soccer. Screenshot the poll or quiz and include it as image in your Facebook post. Also, don't forget to include the link to your poll or quiz.

Have you learned something about my own suggestions in increasing Facebook clicks from free and paid ones? I would try my best to answer your questions if you have any. Cheers!

To your Facebook marketing success!


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I get your point in here. Me and your friend are doing the same thing. We do take advantage about the viral photos and videos which is newly trending. You can actually create a fan page make a lot of subscribers and post a viral image hiding the link behind those images.


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Thanks for those tips. Didn't the title say 5 tips? You've written only 4. Not that that matters. :)

I am trying to crack the virality code all the time. But, for now, I do use pre-existing content that has gone viral. Curation is better than creation as they say.


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Great point regarding viral photo, video and news. Current news and happening can attract a lot of instant traffic. Traffic received from current affairs may be short lived but you can continuously drive traffic by sharing about current affairs regularly.


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Hi dear i have seen your post it's very informative and helpful. I promoting my web site in facebook there I will apply your tricks. I do not really what kind of content is viral. Can you tell me what is the way of making viral video ?


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I only have 1 viral item and that is a video on youtube. As I had posted in a another thread, it has more than 190k views as of now. But with Facebook, the only number I get is over 100 and I still have to reach 200 in one post. It seems that I have a steady number of readers, that is from 50 to 100 who faithfully click the like button of my posts and they post comments as well. But I wonder why a simple quotation in big fonts would be shared by them while my post which are intriguing and interesting (according to my Facebook friends) don't get a share even once. Maybe I have to do more research on the behavior of Facebook users.


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Posting viral photos and updating the users with relevant and useful news are among the things that could really help in increasing Facebook lead conversions. Video ads especially those that appeal to the emotion also earn a great number of shares, likes and clicks to websites.


These are some more tips for fb lead conversion..
  1. Provide more context than you would with a traditional ad, given that you're requesting immediate action from the viewer. For example, if the sign-up is to receive a particular deal, ensure that it's clear that the viewer must submit their contact details in order to receive the deal.
  2. Consider including coupons or other incentives in the ad creative for lead ads - anything that gives the viewer an incentive to share their information with you.
  3. The ad copy is also an opportunity to highlight the value proposition - try letting the user know why sharing their information with you is good for them.