My Suggestion 5 Tips For Getting Successful On People Per Hour

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
One of the best alternatives to Fiverr is people per hour. It is also a freelancing site where people from all over the world come and hire people for small jobs. These jobs or tasks can be basic or complex stuff and the price also depends on its complexity. You can earn $10 from a single job but if it's complex; you can even get $100 from a single job. Most of the time the task is a 5-10 minute work for experts, which is being given to people per hour.

One of the biggest benefits of this site on Fiverr is more rates. At Fiverr, we have to stick to the $5 basic gig price. No one can change the basic gig price on their profile. However, more money can be made by adding extras to the order. But that’s a separate issue for some specific orders. On the other hand, People per Hour offer you to set basic gig price $10-$50 or even more. You can set the price on your own and work on their site. Most people hire freelancers on an hourly basis on this site. That’s why you can work here easily as compared to other networks.

In this article, I will give you some tips for working successfully with people per hour in 2016. You need to read the entire article and implement it on your career for getting success.

1) Get Experience before working here
People per hour are not a good place for beginners to join and work. It is for medium level freelancers or experts in this field. While working on any freelancing site, you have to provide a portfolio. Before getting any order from those sites, you need to show your recent work. Therefore, get some experience in the relevant field and gather the portfolio of your own.

Don’t be rude towards yourself and work on the category, only if you have knowledge about it. If you are not good at the specific task, don’t do it, or you will have to face failure. In the beginning, you should focus on the takes you expertise or have knowledge about it.

2) Price Plays an Important Role

While putting the cost for your service, you need to be very cautious. Don’t add a very high price for a simple task. Also, don’t set very low price for work you will have to spend time. Even if you are the expert at a service, set the price wisely.

Estimate about the costs and service charges that will be deducted from the order. After that, you should choose the minimum money you will get in one order. All of this will help you make an estimate about placing the right price.
3) Bid Properly and Effectively

Just like other freelancing sites, this network also has a bidding system. The customer places an offer on the site and freelancers bid on it. The bid must be written properly and effectively. Don’t write very long bid nor too short. A customer must understand everything about you in the bid description. Don’t waste your time writing a 300 words bid. Mostly bids having few lines win from many lines.

4) Clarification Option is Just Waste of Time
You might see an option for further clarification of a job. If you have seen an offer of people per hour and then want to get more information, you can use that feature. But let me tell you that it’s just waste of time. No customer will hire you if you use that option. A customer has already placed proper descriptions about the job if you can’t understand move forward towards another one.

5) Always Stay Active
People per hour are an awesome site and contain thousands of jobs updated daily. The process starts from morning and continues till evening. A job can get 30 bids within an hour only. So you should be quick on submitting bids on the offers. If you have bid in the beginning, the chances of getting hired are much higher.

steve taylor

White Belt
These tips are really helpful in getting project on People per hour . Profile is the most important thing which play important role in getting project from any freelancing websites. It must be complete and impressive so recruiter at least give a chance for sample job. Always bid the project which have review and completion ratio is very good.