My Suggestion 5 Tips For Using Call To Actions On Your Store

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
The main purpose of running an e-commerce store is to sell your products properly. CTA’s or call to actions can help you accomplish these goals easily. They force the user for performing a particular activity, after arriving at your site. These can be simply collecting emails for a newsletter or some discount camping. They can also be some donating or purchase actions that make the customer perform the required activity. Hence, these call to actions can have great use to e-commerce sites for selling products. The customer gets encouraged and usually buys the product just because of a call to action.

It sounds pretty simple, huh!? But that’s not true, CTA’s are not that much easy to write on your site. It requires proper knowledge about them, to write a successful CTA for your store. You can add a simple CTA on each page of your site or each product.
So what exactly is a good CTA?

This question will be asked by many of you out there. So a good CTA is which directly informs the visitor to perform an activity just after landing to the page. Some common types of CTA’s can be clicking on a button, social media promotions, coupons revealing, etc. These CTA’s must be good enough for people to trust them. I have listed five tips for writing successful CTA’s of an e-commerce store.
1) Must be Standing Out
One of the common features of a good CTA is boldness in it. You should bold your CTA among other items of your site. It shouldn’t be hiding over images or text on your page. The intention of the CTA is to perform an action by a visitor, so make it clearly visible to the visitors.

2) Must be Short and Descriptive
A good call to action consists of few lines of content but must be effective, though. It is a challenging task for new entrepreneurs for writing a short and descriptive CTA. But it’s not impossible at all. After a little effort and time, one can easily make a good CTA.

The CTA must also be descriptive to tell exactly what it is all about? Don’t lose this factor while writing a CTA. A customer won’t click or perform the activity until the CTA explains everything properly. It should be short but also sweet towards the customers.
3) Position the CTA properly
The place of the CTA on your page is very important. You should make the CTA according to the page of placement. The CTA made for a page a must not be sued on page B. Each page must have its CTA build for it. According to the requirements and positioning of the page. The CTA must be good enough to develop intentions of buying a product from your site. Even if the visitor has not come to buy the product, you should make him buy it by using CTA.

4) Images must be properly used
Use proper images and text in the CTA and on the CTA page too. Your page where the CTA reside must be useful for the readers. It should be attractive enough so that people will focus on everything properly. You don’t want them to neglect the CTA and move forward to another page.
5) Placing CTA on Order Confirmation
This is the best place to use a CTA for the customers. If your visitors have converted into buyers and have bought your product, you should take double benefit from them. Try to put a CTA on that page too, where they will be redirected after a purchase has been made. The Checkout Confirmation Page or the Thank You page, offer a good CTA made for that page. It may be a newsletter signup one, or one with some sort of coupons for future purchases, etc. It is the best place and the most converting one too.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
The most common type of CTAs are buy button, subscription form, read more, and try it now. You can also include a online chat on your site to encourage people to ask about your products/services and increase sales. CTAs generally appear as pop ups, or is located at the side panel or at the end of the page.

Pooja Sharma

Well-Known Member
Online chat is the most effective and customer attracting call to action tool. Whenever you log in to a website and you get a "how may I help you message" you get happy that your doubts if you have any. In few websites it becomes a reason for customers to leave your website and increase the bounce rate because they find it very hectic to fill in all the details. The fields should be selected in such a way that it should be able to generate an interest in your customer to proceed.