My 2 Cents 5 Tips From Pinterest’s Most Influential Brands


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What's working for the most influential brands which your business hasn't maximized yet? What do brands like Jetsetter, L’Oréal, Bank of America, International Delight and Kohl's have in common? They have created a strong presence on Pinterest and have optimized their use of social networks like Pinterest.

This social network expanded its potential as a merchant in the last year. Since it's a purchasing platform, it's dominated by women between the age of 20 and 30. They're the ones doing the most shopping and make most decisions for their respective households.

The platform is still growing and businesses have been taking advantage of the opportunities presented by Pinterest for products and brands. Here are 5 social media tips that will surely help boost sales on Pinterest:

Rich pins

Compelling visual content is very important on Pinterest and what's gets noticed usually are the pins with a high impact. Rich pins are special pins which let users add context and additional information depending on their objective. They include product, recipe, place, movie, article and app pins. The product pin is the one which is most useful. They allow you to include links where products can be purchased and include promotion and pricing information too.

Trends and holidays

Paying attention to the season is very important too. Just look at malls during the holidays. They showcase gifts according to the season. There's plenty of costumes at Halloween. There are gifts for your loved ones during Valentines. This is just how Pinterest should be too. Apart from seasonal holidays, seasonal trends about hairstyles and vacation spots need to be looked into as well.

Creating your own style

It is important to stand out from everyone else on Pinterest. Choosing a color scheme or template which fits your brand is important. All brands need to have logos. Your brand will be competing with others for the attention of customers and needs to stand out. Followers need to identify you among millions of other posts. Choose a style which can easily be identified by followers. You could consider using a logo or a certain color or mark to set aside your pins from everyone else’s. Make it simpler for your followers to recognize pins while scrolling through your feeds.

Repining others content

Choose relevant content and start repining their boards. This will increase the number of users who repin your posts too. It may be tempting to try and focus just on your boards to try and promote your brand, but remember, your reach is limited. Don't just share through Pinterest either. Share pins on various social media platforms.

Optimize for mobile use

A lot of users use their mobile device since they are lightweight and handy. Scrolling and zooming is difficult on mobile devices. Don't expect users to do it to view all your content. It's hard to squint at minuscule text and images on websites which aren't optimized for mobiles. Ensure images are big enough for viewing on screens smaller than computers. This is applicable for images which include text to ensure they are readable on mobile devices.


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What I love most on Pinterest is it lets the user create their identity which will further aid in making a brand name. It is also good that the author included that owners should make their posts relevant and mobile device-friendly since most of the users now browse through their phones or tablets.

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This is nice but I personally understand, Using Pinterest with their guidance & tricks is also much effective way to get Boost a Pinterest profile.