My Suggestion 5 Tips To Turbo Boost Your Mobile Seo Perfor-mance


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5 tips to turbo boost your mobile SEO performance

Mobile is a priority for the search marketers and has a mobile label in the mobile search after the Google’s mobile update. Most of the marketers have a domain in their sites which changes by devices.

Given below are the 5 tips that will boost your mobile SEO performance.

  • Build & Submit a sitemap for your mobile site
The sitemap will help the search engines to understand the data of your mobile page. It will also tell the priority and the hierarchy of your site and also the time the page was last updated. You can also submit a separate XML mobile sitemap. This will help them serve search results better. Once you have created you need to end that the sitemap you have created will meet the need of the mobile’s sitemap protocol.

  • Check that Google bot can index and render you mobile site
For optimal rendering and indexing robots.txt file is very powerful as it helps the Google bot to have access to your mobile site. The java script, CSS and image files must be indexed by Google. For checking whether your site can be fully indexed and rendered you can perform Fetch & Render action.

  • Avoid duplicate content and crawl error pages
It is highly recommended to relate the desktop pages and the mobile page if you have a different version for the mobile. So this will prevent you from getting penalized from Google that you may have duplicate content. By adding rel=“alternate” you are just trying to tell the search engine that there is a mobile version of this page. You can add this tag in the HTML header go the mobile page using the URL of the desktop page. Similarly the rel=“canonical” tag will points to the corresponding desktop page.

  • Optimize you meta tag and find the right keyword
Meta tag should be aligned better because the on page optimization is vital for the mobile site. The meta title should not override 55 characters and the meta description should be up to 115 characters. You can perform a keyword research using the keyword planner is one of the quick way to brainstorm Meta tag.

  • Ensure your mobile sites index and usability
You could create a Google webmaster tools profile and can also verify it with the mobile XML sitemap. And it will increase the search ranks. The tools will display all the data for your mobile site as soon as you link it to the Analytics profile. You should also make sure that the elements are displayed properly and the button is easily clickable. You should also make sure the load time of the page is too high. This will affect the usability and the quality of the user experience.

To sum up

The hottest topic in SEO is mobile. You have to follow the 5 tips after you have created your mobile site to ensure a SEO success. And also to make sure that the site appears in the mobile search engine results.