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That's right you will receive up to 50,000 visitors to your site

Flishess is a pay per click search engine that is gaining popularity every day. We currently have 217 members with many affiliates distrubuting our search results across our search partner network.

Your account will be automatically deposited with a $500 credit, and at the 1 cent minimum bid you will receive 50,000 visitors to your site.

We are not talking about popups, popunders or impressions - these are unique quality visits to your site targeted to your specific needs.

You can create as many keyword listings as you would like, and you can also specify country targeting, which means you only pay for visitors from the countries you specify.

When you signup for a free account this is what you will get...

1. $500 credit line
2. Create as many keywords as you like
3. Specify country targeting
4. Free keyword management at your request
5. 50,000 unique clicks to your site at 1 cent minimum bid

You have nothing to lose - Signup is FREE!


Added bonus Submit 100+ keywords and we will deposit an additional $100 credit to your site (you must contact us by email with your username to recieve the bonus)

This would give you up to 60,000 visitors to your site.

Security - Flishess is protected by the best anti-click fraud technology available

-You only get charged once per unique click in a 24 hour period
-We protect against searches and clicks performed to close together
-Anti-click bot protection
-Protection against proxy servers
-and much more!!! (we don't want to give away all our protection features for those who like to cheat)

Standard Listings start at .01 cent (at 1 cent you will get 50,000 visitors)
Contextual Listings start at .05 cents
Sponsored Listings start at .35 cents

With Flishess you can advertise with confidence!

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