50 percent off website design services

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Pre-Christmas sales up to 50% off web design services! (sales end 23rd December)

Tagnum offers premium quality web design and development services with fast turnaround time and competitive price. Please visit www tagnum co uk to learn more about us.

Special Offers:
Up to 5 pages website design: from £299 (was £560)
Up to 10 pages website design: from £399 (was £780)

Ecommerce & online shop: from £780 (was £1600)
Recruitment or booking website: from £780 (was £1600)
Community website (e.g. Youtube, MySpace, Facebook, Friendster etc.): from £1600 (was £3600)

Optional add-ons with no extra cost:
One year domain name registration (.co.uk or .com)
One year standard web hosting

Additional services:
Logo Design / Newspaper Advert Design: £75
Flash Banner: £75
Email Marketing: £75 per newsletter (up to 1000 emails)
Custom PHP and Java Programming: £20 per hour

All prices above are excluding VAT.

We also specialised in software development and internet marketing. Feel free to give us a call on 0845 055 1683 or email us, we are happy to answer your enquiries and give you a free estimate on your project.

Merry Christmas!
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