My Experience 7 Features That Make Mailchimp Different

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
MailChimp is one of the most used email marketing solutions these days. One can handle complete email marketing campaigns by using this site. It is online software like a system that can be used to manage an email marketing system. We can monitor almost everything using this simple software and nothing else is required. Here I have listed the 7 important features, one should take into consideration about MailChimp and their service.

1) It’s Almost Free

Yes, MailChimp is almost free to use for email marketing. They are offering a number of emails to be sent free per month. You can have around 2000 subscribers as a free member on their site. You can also send emails to those subscribers for free. Afterward if you have a bigger list, you can buy their premium packages. They are offering cheap plans to fulfill needs of everyone. Even a small business owner can afford those rates and can also sue for free if the list is of 2000 subscribers.

2) Easy to Use

According to the research about email marketing tools, MailChimp has proved to be the easiest to be used online. It can easily be operated by a newbie marketer too, having no experience in this field before. Everything is strategist forward and a little knowledge about computers is enough to get going.

3) Daily Reports

One of the most important features of MailChimp is daily reports. You can get a report about the campaign being sent to the subscribers. The report consists of the following information:
  • Number of Opened Emails
  • Number of Unopened Emails
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • And a few more stuff related to analyzing your campaign
4) Integration with Social Media

You can easily integrate twitter with your Mailchimp campaign. The emails Subs Rivers receive will have a link to share your newsletter on their twitter profile. Hence, you can get more benefits from your campaign.

5) Automatically Spam Detection

MailChimp is against spamming the subscribers. Hence, if one of your subscribers marks your email newsletter as spam, it will automatically unsubscribe it from the list. No further emails will be sent to that subscriber so that your newsletter could become safe from being marked as spam again by the person. It has a good effect on your email marketing profile.

6) Optimized Embed Code

Another amazing feature of Mailchimp is the clean and optimized embed code. They offer their embed code to be used on any type of site. It doesn’t have any effect on the previous coding of the site. You can easily embed your subscriber form on your site. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge at all and you can use it easily.

7) Form Builder

Mailchimp offers its own and easy to use form builder. You can customize your subscriber form easily by using it. A little coding knowledge can make the process faster but that’s not necessary. It has a pre-built environment for handling all of the difficult tasks. The only thing you need to do is select a design, edit the design, and add/remove fields. That’s it; the form is ready to be embedded on any site.

Final Words:

Mailchimp proves to be the best network for your email marketing needs. However, you should keep this fact in mind, they are not absolutely free. After you have reached 2000 subscribers, you need to buy a subscription plan from them. That’s pretty cheap and won’t be useless if you have a huge list of subscribers. You can generate revenues using your email marketing skills and then buy the premium plans. It would be much more effective for your overall business and money managing strategy.


Content Writer
Great informative post, Its features seems to be amazing and useful. Free plans can help to start and good opportunity for less than 2000 subscribers list, so we can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free. No expiring trial, contract, or credit card required.


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I am using MailChimp because it is free. I send less than 2000 emails in a month thus I don't have to pay for email service.

I am using MailChimp because the paid service is one of the lowest in the markets. Even though at this moment I am enjoying free service, if I have to pay, I make sure that I will be paying less cost.