Muhammad Rizwan

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Freelancing as we all know is one of the widely adopted professions these days. A lot of people are joining this field as their career. They work as freelancers on different niches and get paid for their works. A freelancer is free from tension and fatigue. He/ She works for his/her own interest and at the suitable time. There are no bosses working above them and they are working alone. It is one of the biggest examples of self-employment and important too.

From the very beginning of a freelancing career, social media has played an important role. Social media sites with huge communities become awesome opportunities for them. One of these emerging social media networks is LinkedIn. It is a different type of social network and very important for freelancers. From the day it was released, LinkedIn dudes are progressing their site quickly. In order to beat the current competition of social media sites, they have made a lot of advancements. These make it more flexible and efficient for freelancers and self-employed people.

Besides the importance of LinkedIn, you need to follow a few guidelines for having a successful career. These are as below:

Don’t make new connections quickly:

Its good idea to have a profile full of active connections on LinkedIn, but it’s not that much easy. Most people on LinkedIn don’t want to make new connections. They don’t want to talk to strangers and may even result in a bad effect on your profile.
This mistake is done by newcomers on LinkedIn and results in unsuccessful business. New profiles are less likely to be accepted for new connections. People don’t know about you and are thinking of you as a scammer or something similar. That’s why you should make connections to your close people first, to whom you know very well. After that, you can move forward to other people too.

First Impression is Last One

Your profile is everything for you on LinkedIn. People will estimate about you by checking your profile. Your capabilities and interest are all depending upon your profile. Hence, building an attractive profile is very important for both new and old LinkedIn members.
So what is a good profile?
This question will be asked by many of you and the answer can’t be told in just one line. A good profile consists of many factors and can’t be explained easily. Only you can make a good profile depending upon your skills. However, some basic facts are as below:
  • Customized URL
  • Attractive Image as Profile photo
  • Completed Profile (Fill all the required information’s)
  • Having personal recommendations by others
  • Added Portfolios

Power of Groups can’t be denied:

Groups on LinkedIn as very important =for building a successful career. It plays an important role in building good relations. You can just stick to personal conversations but that will not benefit you as much as a group conversation can do so. Groups can help you meet new connections and build strong relations with them in awesome business opportunities and job offers too. Join as many groups as you can and enjoy your stay there. Don’t be rude towards others and try to be nice with everyone.

Manish Mishra

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LinkedIn plays an important role for promoting a website or a brand name. It is one of the strongest social submission tool that can increase as your social connections increases.


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I haven't heard still who got works from Linkedin in my network, but people are saying Linkedin is great source for getting into business.
Op Do you received any contacts about your business through Linkedin?

Zirkon Kalti

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LinkedIn is an important social network for professionals of all industries. It is estimated that about 25 million profiles are being viewed every day. Almost 1 out of 3 professionals has a profile on LinkedIn.


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@Zirkon Kalti
Anyone can estimate, but how knows that are bot visits and how many has success-ed with Linkedin. Did you find any works from Linkedin users? All people are exists that are on twitter, Facebook etc.

None has asked for working with them or even a message they didn't send.
Linkedin is the professional ground where you can reach your target audience if you have a right knowledge of Linkedin marketing.

Let me share a few tips which come in mind.

1. Use a long creative image including genuine information.
2. Write an eye-catching caption while sharing any post.
3. Follow your people who are related to your product or service
4. Do share video