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Today, there is so much competition out there in all industry. Your company is challenging with local, regional, national, and global giants.

One of the best methods for you to survive, thrive, and gain a competitive edge is to get your customers to spend more money.

It’s a simple model that I’m sure you can agree with. But are you dynamically taking steps to make this happen?

If you’ve got a mobile platform, you’re now headed in the right direction. It’s clear that mobile trends are on the increase. You need to adapt right away if you need to stand a chance in the future.

Currently that you’ve got an app, you’ve just got to learn how to take that app and turn it into dollars.

Take a look at the total mobile app income from a global perspective over the last two years.

Global app revenue 1

From 2016 to 2017 we saw a 35% increase. So it’s clear that consumers as a whole are eager to spend money via mobile apps.

To make sure that your app is successful and money-making, it all comes down to understanding your customers. You’ve got to figure out what they want and how they want it. Custom software development company analyzes the global revenue to clear the vision of user spends more time on the mobile app.

They’re using smartphones and tablets to use, so take advantage of that.

As an industry expert who has helped businesses thrive when it comes to customer spending, I want to share my vision with you.

I’ve identified the top 7 methods for you to increase customer spending through your mobile app. Here they are.

  1. Implement a customer loyalty program
Client faithfulness programs are intended to keep your clients returning, which makes it more probable that they'll spend more cash.

Having a mobile app makes it 59% more probable that your clients will join your steadfastness program. That is on account of everybody needs to set aside some cash and get rewards.
Why loyalty programs

Besides, over 82% of purchasers say that they will probably shop at stores with faithfulness programs.

So dependent on the majority of this data, unmistakably your business needs to actualize this technique.

Reliability programs are extraordinary for you since they empower rehash buys. It's likewise significantly less expensive to pitch something to your current clients than it is to get new ones.

The Definitive Guide to Mobile App Design

There are diverse sorts of dedication programs, yet every one of them urges clients to spend more. You've recently got the opportunity to choose which kind of program is best for your organization.

You can compensate clients after they finish a specific number of buys. For instance, give them a rebate or free thing after 10 exchanges. Or then again you can remunerate your most noteworthy paying clients by making a reliability program dependent on spending levels or edges.

On the off chance that two clients each make 10 exchanges, yet one spends a sum of $70 and alternate burns through $1,200, wouldn't you say the second client ought to show signs of improvement remunerate?

For instance, you could set up your program to give your clients more rewards dependent on each $500 they spend in a year. Each time they achieve another limit, the advantages show signs of improvement.

This is an extraordinary technique since it urges your clients to spend more cash so they can achieve the following level quicker. Yet, it keeps them happy too in light of the fact that they keep on getting rewards en route.

Actualizing an unwaveringness program will expand the request recurrence and also the normal request sum.

The best part about doing this from a mobile app is that your app can track the majority of their exchanges. Your clients won't have to bear a punch card or enrollment ID either since the app can supplant it.

  1. Monitor the behavior of your customers
Having a mobile app gives you benefits that you wouldn't get in the event that you simply had a physical storage area.

For instance, suppose you have a physical storage area and a client comes in. They stroll around similar areas of your store to look at items each time visit, however, they don't purchase anything.

You don't think about this and you can't make a move.

Be that as it may, with a mobile app, you can see their perusing history. So you'll know whether a client continues scanning or perusing for things in a particular division without making a buy. At that point, you can send those customized promotions or rebates dependent on their interests.


In light of this information, unmistakably your advancements aren't compelling except if they are particular to a client's conduct. Mobile apps make it considerably less demanding for you to track this conduct and act in like manner.

In any case, this methodology doesn't work for clients who are perusing and not purchasing anything. It's additionally ideal for clients even after they purchase something.

Adopt this strategy above and beyond and attempt and upsell or strategically pitch things dependent on their buy history.

For instance, say you have a client who purchases a couple of shoes, a swimsuit, and shoreline towel in their last couple of exchanges. All things considered, now you can send them an advancement for reduced sunscreen and shades.

This would be considerably more successful than simply sending them an arbitrary advancement for a winter coat or ski cover.

Following the conduct of your clients through your mobile app gives them a more customized shopping background.


As you can see, personalization has a positive influence on conversion rates for mobile apps. Personalized transformations saw an increase from 2016 to 2017, and I expect those numbers to be even higher in 2018.

  1. Ask your customers for feedback
How can you get your customers to spend more money? Just ask them.

Get the opinions of your customers. Asking your customers for feedback shows that you care about them, which will increase your chances of retaining them.

Use surveys and interviews to accomplish this. Some can be quick while others may be longer and more in-depth.

Ask about their recent purchases. Find out more about their overall shopping experience. Were they satisfied with the shipping, delivery, and packaging?

Figure out if they had a good experience interacting with your customer service representatives.

How did they like the actual product or service?

Ensure you have a reasonable objective when you're doing this. It will make it considerably less demanding for you to get significant data. Certainly, the objective here is to keep the client happy, yet you additionally need to get some knowledge out of this also.

Don't simply make inquiries like, "would you say you are happy?"

For instance, in case you're making another item, you can get the assessments of your clients previously the item dispatches.

Get some information about specific highlights or something to that effect. Give them a chance to cast a ballot on the shading or name. Doing things like this will tempt them to purchase the item at whatever point it gets discharged on the grounds that they'll feel like they had a say in it.

You can likewise compensate clients for giving input. In case you're doing this from your app, simply ensure that you're not infringing upon any tenets. Here's a model from the Google Play Store.


Offering an impetus for a great survey is against their principles. So this offer would be fine on the off chance that they didn't offer a markdown for a 5-star audit.

So all things considered, offer a markdown or reward to your mobile app clients on the off chance that they offer input, paying little respect to the rating and you'll be fine. Simply make it justified, despite all the trouble for them.

For instance, you could invite them to take an overview for $10 off of their next buy of $50 or more. Presently you're achieving numerous things. You're getting profitable understanding and your clients have the motivation to spend more cash.

The majority of this should be possible straightforwardly from inside your mobile app.

  1. Brand yourself
On the off chance that you have an entrenched brand, individuals will spend more cash.

They won't need to scrutinize your believability and they'll simply expect that all that you make is extraordinary.

This isn't a technique that you can execute medium-term. It requires investment, it's something that you ought to dependably be moving in the direction of. All things considered, here are a few things you can do now to accelerate the procedure.

Have a solid nearness via web-based networking media. Having bunches of adherents and high commitment will build your authenticity.

Energize bunches of evaluations, audits, and downloads from the app store. The majority of this will help make social evidence of idea. On the off chance that somebody sees that a great many other individuals are happy with your app and brand, they'll expect that they'll be fulfilled too.

You can likewise utilize social influencers to enable you to accomplish this.

Investigate the most genuine brands of 2017 dependent on customer observation.

Authentic brand

Take a gander at a brand like Apple. They are clearly a worldwide monster in the innovation world. That is on the grounds that they've made such an extraordinary showing with regards to with marking themselves throughout the years.

Each time they turn out with another item, everybody just consequently accepts that it's incredible and they'll spend a fortune on it.

I'm not saying that you will be the following Apple, however, shoot for the stars and see where you arrive.

As an all-around regarded mark, you can expand your costs and get more individuals to purchase your items. This is particularly valid on the off chance that you have an app with bunches of extraordinary audits, appraisals, and huge amounts of downloads.

  1. Encourage mobile app downloads
You've just got this extraordinary stage to build client spending, yet now you've quite recently got the opportunity to inspire individuals to download your app.

When somebody visits your mobile webpage, instruct them to download your app for a superior ordeal.

Here's a case of what this can resemble.

Mobile web vs app

Stream tripled they are normal every day download rate by actualizing this technique to their mobile site.

Indeed, it's incredible in the case regardless you're getting changes and clients are burning through cash on your mobile site, yet your transformations will be higher from a mobile app.

That is on the grounds that the app makes it less demanding for your clients to purchase things. The majority of their data is spared and they won't need to enter their Mastercard number each time they need to purchase something.

It will likewise give them the choice to spend utilizing elective installment techniques like Apple Pay or PayPal. The simplicity of checkout builds the odds that they'll spend progressively and shop all the more as often as possible.

To ensure that you're getting however many downloads as could reasonably be expected, I would suggest offering your app for nothing. Charging for downloads may appear to be an incredible method to profit snappy, however free apps still profit.

You can motivate them to spend in the app after they download it for nothing.

Private ventures are building mobile apps to pull in new clients.

Why businesses build apps

Once your app is accessible in the app store, it builds the presentation of your image to a more extensive gathering of people. This makes it more probable for new clients to download your app.

You can likewise give your clients a motivating force for downloading your app. Offer an advancement that urges them to spend, for example, a markdown off of their first buy from your app's stage.
  1. Learn how to send effective push notifications
Pop-up messages are an extraordinary method to expand client spending on your mobile app.

In any case, you must ensure that you're utilizing them legitimately, or this system could reverse discharge. Sending pop-up messages over and over again can be seen as irritating and clients will turn them off.

Yet, on the off chance that you send them profitable offers like a rebate, streak deal, or something to that effect, it will work.

Investigate an organization like Touch of Modern. They've idealized the pop-up message and mobile business methodology.

70% of their aggregate deals come straightforwardly from mobile gadgets. Also, around 66% of those mobile deals are from their app. 57% of these buys are made by rehash clients.

So how do they do it?

Their company offers daily discounts and flash sales. They notify their customers of this via push notification and they see high conversions as a result.

Sending the right push notification can increase your conversion rates by up to 50%.

Push notifications

Another way to send push notifications is by taking advantage of location-based services and geofencing technology.

Send your customers relevant and timely notifications based on their physical location.

This strategy is much more effective than text messages or emails. Text promotions seem like spam, and emails may not get read or opened up right away. But a push notification goes straight to the user’s phone.

You can only contact customers via push notification if you have a mobile application.

  1. Mix it up
Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Yes, customer loyalty programs work. Yes, push notifications can have high conversion rates. But that doesn’t mean that you should invest all of your time, money, and effort into just one of these tactics.

Try as many strategies as possible. Exhaust all of your resources.

Don’t give up if you’re having problems or you’re not seeing a dramatic boost in spending right away. These things take time.

I know that earlier I said that it’s cheaper to sell to your existing customers than it is to acquire new ones, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore customer acquisition completely.

Sometimes, especially for newer businesses, your current customer base isn’t large enough to sustain your Mobile app development company. So go out there and get more customers.

Your app is a great way to accomplish this. People can download your app even if they haven’t bought anything from you yet.

Now it’s your job to convince these people to become a customer and increase their mobile spending.


If you want your business to be successful today, as well as in the future, you’ve got to get your customers to spend more money.

Your app is the perfect way to get them to do this.

Come up with a customer loyalty program that entices customers to spend more and shop more frequently. Use your app to monitor customer behavior so you can send them personalized promotions.

Ask your customers for feedback. Always take steps toward improving your brand perception.

Come up with ways to get more people to download your app. Once people have the app installed on their phones, send them timely push notifications to drive sales.

Don’t just pick one of these tactics, use all of them.

If you follow these tips, you’ll definitely see an increase in customer spending on your mobile app.