Tutorial 7 Ways To Use Facebook For Marketing


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7 ways to use facebook for marketing


1.Facebook business page


Facebook page is not only a social media, it's also a great marketing tool. Your business page is a great spot to develop your brand identity. Don’t afraid to get naughty because people love fun. You must see what your viewers are expecting from you. You must post something hilarious.

2.Facebook Advertising: Classic Ads


Facebook offers its own form of advertising with Facebook ads, which appear in the side columns of the Facebook site. Facebook offers its own form of advertising in your pages. This results in more users interacting with you and your brand, forming relationships that may end up translating to conversions in the future.

3.Hosting Facebook Contests


Contests the way to attract people of your site show them anything useful develop contests and surveys. Pay or give prizes to those who win the first prize. Contest use third party applications. There are numerous tools available for you to invest in so that they may give contest like winning prizes. These are a few sites which offer a free contest templates to add them into your facebook pages.

Short stack is one of the famous sites in facebook contest creation they have got more than 3000 templates. They remain free until your page has 2,000 likes once your page crosses them you need to pay. Pagemodo is also an option for online contests developers. These are third party applications so their options with facebook are limited.

4.Facebook Promoted Posts


Facebook gives an option of promoting your post if you post any high value information and you surely think this post will spread like a virus then you can promote it so you can choose your audience to shares these post even to people who have liked your page and even their friends will promote your post.

5.Sponsored Stories


These are a new type of facebook ad that shows a user’s interactions, such as a Facebook like, to the user’s friends. The goal of Sponsored Stories is to have a user take the same action as their friends. Advertisers can choose to show friends “likes” if they want more page likes, show friends who have “claimed this offer” if a business wants more users to claim offers. Sponsored Stories is also the only ad format available on mobile devices.

6.Facebook Open Graph

Facebook Open Graph lets businesses label a user’s action with their app. Billions of interactions are posted with Facebook Open Graph every day.

Businesses can create third-party apps that connect to a user and post a notice on Facebook when a user performs a specific action with the app. Facebook’s Open Graph allows for creative interactive options outside of the standard “like” and “comment.” Posts can suggest that users “listen,” “taste,” “read,” – it’s up to businesses to get creative.

7.Facebook exchange

Facebook gives us to ad re-targeting and real time bidding. They can be targeted based on their history. The great news of FBX is that it is 10 to 50 times ad placements.


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That hosting of contests is I think the most effective in social media marketing. I am an aficionado of contests although that's in a different genre but sometimes I also check on the contests that I come across in Facebook particularly contests that involve writing. I remember a long time ago when I joined a slogan-writing contest and my entry landed in the shortlist. Although it did not win, that page got my attention somehow. But I suppose the contest should be related to the product that is being promoted.

Manish Mishra

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If you have an attractive Facebook page and you participate with same niche other Facebook pages or the pages that has more chances to get the targeted audience it can do a wonder for you.
Just having loads of people cannot do something better unless you have something that is of around your requirement.

It is you who decide what are the places you can really have reach to your customers.


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facebook is the world's very popular chating site ,it is very user friendly and anybody can easily make account there and can make new friends , it is a platform where you can find your old and lovable friends from any corner of the world .....
for marketing purpose you can easily post your advertisement and can built page regarding any kind of promotions ,you can also make links which directly connect your website ....in facebook there is facebook exchange where you can easily do marketing........


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Interesting article you have shared to us man. I really appreciated it right now. When I have my old review blog before, I did create a Facebook fan page for it. Since it's kind of community-related, so it's just a regular fan page and not a business page. For me, I would really think that Facebook business pages are only meant for those who are owning real businesses both offline and online. I did have some engagement in my Facebook fan page before, it's just that I cannot afford to risk money in buying targeted Facebook ads. But right now, since I corrected my own mindset, I could give them a try one day.


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FB Ads have become really effective over the past few months. I tested with a few products and realized that somehow FB has found a way to reach the exact paying customer. Google on the other hand rarely provides that kind of a success rate. I earned back 1800 for every 1000 bucks that I put into fb ads, which I'm told was a low success rate. A friend of mine made 3 times what he put in. That's why marketing on fb makes a lot of sense.


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This is a helpful material especially to those who want to utilize Facebook in promoting businesses. As of the moment, what I find to be very effective is the comment, like and share raffle promo. Through this method, a lot of people will be able to know the existence of a product especially when the promotion entails a good price.