Tutorial 8 Benefits Of Using Wordpress As Your Blogging Platform

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer

WordPress has been offered as a free blogging platform since it was launched in 2003. It ranks as the most preferred choice of CMS in the world. WordPress accounts for more than 50% of installed blogging CMS when compared to other blogging platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, DotNetNuke, Homestead, ExpressionEngine, Weebly, Yahoo Site Builder and Vbulletin. Many individual bloggers and companies like to use WordPress because it comes with all the features you need and it is free to use. The following are 8 benefits of using Wordpress. The following are 8 benefits of using WordPress blogging platform.

1. Wordpress is Completely Free to Use
The main advantage of WordPress is that it is a free blogging platform open for download by anyone around the world. Since it is free, there is no need to pay for the software license fee. Many web hosting companies offers cPanel that contains one click Wordpress install app to allows you to install it on any site quickly in just one click.

2. Easy to Use WYSIWYG Editor
Wordpress blog has a user friendly WYSIWYG editor that features a simple interface. There is no need to have any programming skill to use the blogging platform. Most of the functions can be accessed by a single click of a menu or button. Everything is completely customizable through the use of plugins.

3. Schedule Your Posts in Ahead of Time
WordPress allows you to schedule your posts to post at different time frame throughout the day, or week or month. This is a great solution for people who don't have time as now they can write the articles in advanced and scheduled them instead of hiring people to post them. To schedule a post, you simply change the time and date. After you have made changes to the time and date, the publish button will change to a Schedule button. You can click on the Schedule button to schedule the post to get posted automatically at the time and date you set.

4. Thousands of Free Plugins and Themes
WordPress has a big directory that contains thousands of plugins and themes you can install for free on your blog. There are more than 40,000 plugins that you can download from the WordPress directory. Up to date, the plugins in the WordPress directory has been downloaded over 1 billion times. You can browse the plugins by a few criteria such as featured, popular, favorites, beta and testing. You can browse both free and commercial themes in the directory.

5. Large Community of Developers and Active Users
Wordpress is supported by a large community of developers and designers who are lots of active users. They constantly come up free themes and plugins so that you don't have to spend money to buy them. If you face any issue in your WordPress, you can always go to the community forum to get help from other experienced users.

6. Social Media Friendly
WordPress is social media friendly because you can integrate all kinds of social media features via the plugin. Using the right social media plugin can increase your following and social shares. There are plugins for all kinds of social media uses including social media follow buttons, socialbookmarking buttons, showcase Instagram photos, feature Twitter feeds, and easily pin your picture to Pinterest. Monarch can add a floating social bookmarking bar to the side of your blog. Floating Social bar can add a floating social sharing bar that follow the users as the page is being scrolled down.

7. SEO Friendly
There are many SEO plugins which you can use to make your Wordpress blog more SEO friendly for example the All In One SEO pack. You can change the permalink to the blog post title. The All in One SEO pack can scan your blog post and tell you whether it is optimized for the search engine. It allows you to customize the SEO of the blog post by entering meta title, meta description and meta keywords.

8. Easy to Update
It is very easy to update your plugin, and themes the WordPress. Everytime there is a new update available, it will inform you via the dashboard in the Updates menu. If there is a new version of WordPress, you can download and install it via the Updates section. It only takes a few seconds to install the latest version on your blog. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of software from the WordPress.org and update it manually via the FTP software. There is only one software package you need to download. You don't have to download any additional software.


It's Game Time!
I totally agree on what you have said @Zirkon Kalti. I love Wordpress myself and it's the best content management system (CMS) ever. I tried Blogger in the first place, as well as Wordpress.org free blogs, but I do thank them for the experience that I have in blogging. Right now, I have several self-hosted Wordpress blogs that I can blog and monetize (most of them are autopilot though). It gives me full control for most of the features, including the installation of premium themes, Wordpress plugins and so much more. Wordpress is highly recommended if you are serious enough to become successful in blogging and do business at the same time.