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Tutorial 8 Content Marketing Tips For Businesses With Small Budgets

Discussion in 'General SEO Topics' started by Zirkon Kalti, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Zirkon Kalti

    Yellow Belt

    Dec 10, 2015
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    Content marketing is being utilized as a strategy for increasing leads and sales by many online businesses. Simply writing and then posting the content on the blog won't do any help if it is not optimized for the SEO. Content marketing when done correctly can help you to achieve goals and increase traffic. The following are 8 tips on content marketing for small business that have small budgets.

    1. Focus on Cost Efficient Content
    Focusing on the most cost efficient content for your blog is the key to growing your audience. There are many different types of contents including ebooks, podcasts, infographics, videos and blog posts. If you are composing these content yourself, it will be zero cost for you but writing the content yourself can be time consuming. The best solution is to outsource it to a freelancer or SEO company. You must first obtain a quote and find out how much time will be taken to complete them. Ordering content from a article writing company is more expensive compared to hiring an individual freelance writer. You can analyze the performance of the different types of content by doing research on the contents on your competitors' sites. Some of the metrics you should take note are traffic, social shares, comments and backlinks.

    2. Optimize Your Blog Posts
    Every single article posted on your blog must be optimized so that you can achieve maximum result. You will notice that many major blogs post long and detailed posts that contain a lot of valuable information. If you don't have the budget, you can just publish a single quality post every week instead of 7 okay posts every week. The quality of the article is more important than the quantity of article you are posting. Even with just one quality post on your blog, you are already able to get some high conversion traffic from the search engine.

    3. Don't Waste Time on Doing Things that Don't Drive Results
    You must spend your time and effort on things that will drive results to your content. Don't waste a lot of time using the image editor to create a custom image that won't help the post much. There is no need to redesign your website template when it already has a simple layout that allows people to read the posts.

    4. Convert Your Existing Content
    If you don't have new idea to come up to write a new content, you can take your existing content and convert it into another type of content. For example, you can make a video out of your existing blog posts. Since you have already done the research, you will be able to save time to create the content. The video doesn't have to be a film movie. You can create a video from the images already included in the post.

    5. Storytelling Technique
    If you observe the post on a major blog, you will find that many of them use storytelling as a technique for capturing the attention of the customers with the message. There is no need to be shy about telling stories for your content. If you don't want to use storytelling technique, you can write a straightforward post instead.

    6. Be Bold about Speaking Your Ideas
    You have to be bold about speaking your ideas and make it your voice dominant over other poorly written content. Many of the content produced only regurgitates the points that are already mentioned on countless sites. If you are able to come up with a piece of content with unique points, you will be able to produce powerful content. Creating an article based on a controversy point of view can encourage people to leave comments. This will generate some activities on your post and encourage the search engine to crawl it.

    7. Focus on a Primary Keyword in Your Blog Posts
    Before writing a blog post, you should think about what keyword to focus on. Some SEO experts encourage you not to use any keyword in the content but targeting on keyword is always better. If you don't target on a keyword, the search engine will not know what keyword to rank your site. You will instead rank for the phrase in your post which means you won't get targeted traffic from the organic traffic.

    8. Share Your Blog Posts on Social Networking Sites
    You should share your blog post more than once on the social networks. Sharing your post more than once can drive more traffic to your site. When sharing the post on a social media site, you can include inline images. Inline images can increase the clickthrough rate and number of favorites. Tweets that have images are more interesting and can easily grab the attention of the users. People are more likely to re-tweet it if you include image.

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