Tutorial 8 Ways To Optimize Your Pinterest Pins

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Pinterest has millions of users from around the world every month. It also get traffic from social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit. Pinterest can drive a lot of quality referral traffic to your site if your pins get noticed. The following are some tips on how you can take advantage of Pinterest to get your pins seen by users.

1. Pin High Quality Picture
The picture you post on your Pinterest account must be high resolution and have a width of at least 736 pixels. Tall images should be used as they will appear longer on the screen but you don't it to be too long as it will irritate the user who is browsing the content. It is best to pin a photo that you snap with your own camera or a picture you design yourself on the computer. The users on Pinterest enjoy seeing photos that are colorful, inspirational and informational so you will want to take into account these points when you are thinking what photo to pin on Pinterest.

2. Give Attribution to the Photo
Make sure you don't pin stock photos as these photos are copyrighted. If you are pinning a photo that is not yours, make sure you give credit by mentioning it in the description. Doing so can protect you from copyright lawsuit. If you don't give credit, there might be people who will report you to the original owner of the photo. People will know where the image comes from so it is always best to give attribution to the photo.

3. Add a Description to Your Pin
The pinned photo must not just be high quality but also descriptive. In this way, people will get the message you are trying to convey by just taking one look at the photo you pin. If it is an abstract image, you can add a description and title to describe the image you post. Without the title and description, people will have no idea what the picture is about and won't bother to click through to your website. The small section of text in your pin can make a difference on whether users will decide to click your pin.

Even if people know what the image is about, you should still add a description. You will notice that there are lots of pins that do not have descriptions. It is wrong to follow the crowd to not add description to the pin. Use your creativity to write a short and interesting SEO rich description. The terms you use in the description should be the keywords that people are using the search for what you pin on Pinterest. To find out what keyword people use on Pinterest, you can use the auto suggestion feature. When you enter a keyword into the Pinterest search box, the auto suggestion will automatically pop up.

4. Include Call to Action in the Pin
In the description, you can include a call-to-action (CTA). Study shows that CTA can increase the click through rate by 80%. if you are pinning a product you are selling, you can list the price. Pins that have prices has a higher chance of getting likes on Pinterest compared to products that don't have prices.

5. Optimize Your Business Name on Pinterest with SEO Keyword
You should optimize your pinterest profile not just with your company's brand name but also with several descriptive keywords that are related to your business. This enables the users on Pinterest to easily find your pins. For exmaple, if you are ABC SEO company based in New York, you should not put ABC SEO Company as your business name but SEO Services New York.

6. Pin on a Daily Basis
If you want to have a lot of followers, you must pin consistently, for example 5 – 10 otems per day. If you want to reach out to more followers, you can pin 20 – 25 items every day. The key is to be consistent in pinning, not suddenly pinning 20 items per week and then no more pins afterwards. It is best to pin moderately and not flood your followers with too many pins at once.

7. Pin at the Right Time
You can pin at different times throughout the day. You can use an analytic software to find out the best time to pin the picture. If you want to reach users in another time zone, you can use tools such as Viralwoot, and Traffic Wonker to schedule the pins


Content Writer
Placing good images in Pinterest is absolutely one of the ways to boost online visibility since most of the users will opt for Pinterest because of the photos. Investing in producing catchy and high quality images in Pinterest is now a must to make a trend.


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