My 2 Cents A Brief Guide To Help You Understand Facebook Page Insights


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Facebook Page Insights are an important tool for monitoring and evaluating your marketing efforts on Facebook. There are other tools which provide in-depth analytics and surveillance but Insights does a pretty good job of giving you a basic idea of how your page, posts and competitors are behaving.


This page displays a summary of the information you could find on all of the Insights pages. It only shows statistics from the last week by default. You could choose a date range when on the other pages, though.


This feature shows you the total likes you page has received and how much they've increased, in percentage terms, over the last week. It even shows fresh page likes and how they stack up against the last week. The figures shown on this page change on an everyday basis. The overall trend here needs to be upward, though. If it isn't, you are going to have to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. It also provides valuable information regarding how your audience is finding you on Facebook. If Page Suggestions aren't working for you, perhaps you should try a 'Call-to-action' for your next promotion?


This page gives you details regarding the number of Facebook users you posts or page have reached and how much the figure has increased or decreased from the previous week. You will also be able to compare your pages reach with the previous week. It is basically the Facebook version of Google's Impressions. It corresponds to the number of people who have seen a post or page in some way or the other. It provides details regarding the number of people who have hidden, reported as spam or unliked your page recently. Hidden posts or unlikes aren't too uncommon but if they start occurring regularly perhaps you should rethink your marketing strategy.


This shows you how many of your followers have engaged with the page in the recent week. It also shows a comparison with the week before. It breaks the engagement types down into post clicks, shares, comments, and likes. Increasing engagement needs to be the primary goal of any Facebook marketing plan. The main reason for this is because when your followers are engaging with the content you upload, Facebook gives your posts greater relevance in their Feeds. But if they aren't engaging with the content, they aren't going to see it too often.

Most Recent Posts

The most recent posts section lists your 5 most recent posts, and gives you information on their performance.

Pages to Watch

This is considered the most valuable feature offered by Insights. You will be able to add pages from competitors here. They will automatically be ranked based on the number of Likes they have. You will be able to see how your page compares with these competitors when it comes to the posts and engagement statistics from the previous week. It will also suggest a number of Pages which you should be following. This feature is available only on the Overview page.

Apart from the Pages to Watch section, every other section also has a button which takes you directly to that section where you can get more detailed information.

As you can see there is lots of information which Facebook Insights can offer. I wrote this post keeping in mind the beginners and those who are yet to play with the interface in its full potential.


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This is a helpful post in managing a Facebook page and the metrics mentioned are really important in knowing the kind of material that would sell like hotcakes to clients. These, however, require monitoring and analysis from the page owner.


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Yes, analytics definitely plays an important role and the need to interpret data to arrive at conclusions is crucial. Because if you draw the wrong conclusions, it can mean a lot of resources wasted on the wrong kind of campaigns.