Tutorial A Complete Guide To Optimize Your Wordpress Website Like A Pro

Manish Mishra

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A successful business or internet marketing campaign needs a well versed on page search engine optimization. It does take website that need to be optimized. If you don’t have an optimized website it will fail the internet marketing. If you are website is optimized with on-page seo then it needs its second stage of seo called off-page seo.

What is search engine optimization and on-page seo?

Search engine optimization is technique that helps website to improve ranking in the search engine search result. This includes the method that configure the websites in a way that it first make the standard high within the website and then compete to the outside market. You need to have balance with the on-page search engine optimization and off page search engine optimization.

Why on-page search engine optimization is important?

First of all, it is easy to accomplish since it does not bound to have an external resources. You are free to optimize your own WordPress website rather convincing to search engines to give your website a better ranking in search engines results.

On page search engine optimization also helps you speaking the search engines languages. Since the search engines does understand only programming languages, we can make them realize that they have landed to a wonderful website that has optimized perfectly.

You can also concentrate more on your audience. This is not just the job of off page search engine optimization to take care of the audience. Remember, off page may bring you the customers but let them stay and keep them coming back is the job of on page search engine optimization. An excellent look with error free coding and simply informative articles altogether is something that does not disappoint the audience can be consider as more better on page search engine optimization.

Do the magic with content

A website even without being optimized can do excellent with the help of content it has. Similarly, a website with perfect seo may not survive if it does not have good piece of content. It’s all about content magic that can do wonder for you. It can do more wonder if you have optimized websites along with the perfect content.

What contents you need?

If you are willing to post an original content then nothing can be best than this. Always make sure the content you are going to post is original and proofreaded before you publish it on your website. It is a good idea to have text and non text based content to your website.

E.g. you have uploaded an important video then you should have some text about it explaining what this video is all about. This way you can make more reach to your audience letting them know about the video, this may also let them see it.

Try to upload content that is useful for the audience than any nonsense talking. It also let your users fly away from your websites. A useful and informative content is always in demand. If you do not have this to supply some other website may have and thus they will receive the part of your traffic. Adding informative and useful content will let your audience satisfied and increase the chances of them landing to your websites again and again.

Also, you need to ensure the frequency of the posting your articles should be advantageous for you. You should have developed a strategy how often you will be engaged in posting. You can create this tactics and to stick to for a long unless you reach to your target audience. It can vary from daily to weekly depend on what makes you sticky for a longer period.

Title tags, title descriptions and formatting

Title Tags

It is a good way to use title tag and title description for every page. Search engines do check it for first from your entire page. They will look for title, description, images to understand your webpage. Each page should have a unique title written that will help search engines to understand the content on your web page. A page with title is a good way to use on page seo rather than just having page1.php that indicated a poor on page seo.


The description is the first thing the audience will see while searching you on the web even when you publish your URL to a social media, this is the top most thing that will appear to entitles your body of your web page. Using 150 characters long description is better to have with your web page.


Formatting is another way that needed to be done properly on your web page. It needs to have heading H1 and sub heading H2 that plays an important role. Using of bold, Italic and underlined some of the lines you are feel very important of your web page enhance the seo. Also, just do not publish it for adding content’s sake but to make it look more attractive and catchy to your audience.

Adding Images

Images also play a good role while adding into your content. It may increase the load time but if you have used optimized images then it can reduce the load time. An original image is always in demand, you can also use free source of image to your website. There are many online tools are available by using you can reduce the size of your images and fast the load time of your web page. Use of “Alt” tags is the good way to optimize your images. Keep the file name a little descriptive, sometimes a keyword that fits it can be worthy to us. Also, you can use CDN network if you have loads of images being used on your website.
I suggest you to read the below article how you can optimize the images for your website.

How to optimize images

URL structure

This is another important factor while doing on page search engine optimization. Let’s discuss these into 4 suitable phases to analyze it better.

1. Permanent links

A permanent link is the link for each web page on your website. It is not a good idea to re write the entire URL but to make this a permanent forever. This is why it is called permalinks. You can take a situation when you are rewriting the URL’s; at the same time you know you have interlinked your most pages to each other. It will be a bad practice and time taking to make so many changes. This is why we need to be careful while having permalinks on our website.

We need to use 255 characters lengthy permalinks and each words can be separate by using hyphens (-).
A good permalink: yourwebsite.com/a-complete-guide-to-on-page.php
A bad permalink: yourwebsite.com/p1723?

2. Categories

Categorization not only helps you or your audience knowing the different web pages collective into one group but also help search engines to find your web pages faster. It is assume to have tons of content categorization into one group then having loads of content assigned into 10 different categories. This is a good on page search engine optimization as well as readability of the audience as well to look for what they want.

3. Breadcrumb

A breadcrumb can be the best utilizing tools of the on page seo. The best part of using it allows the website navigation more simply and having a structured way of the content spread to your website. It is good way to use Breadcrumb because it also offers a content to have more visibility no matter how deep down the content exists on your website.

4. Sitemap

This is the best option you can use for optimizing your website. A sitemap can explains search engines and audience about the all piece of content you have on your website. This is an easy way to make the search engines read you entire content at once.

Use of Interlinking

Use of interlinking is the process like you are building your own web page or let the search engines provides the data from one web page to another that how important these contents really are. In other words, you engage the search engines within your website moving from one page to another depending how relatively and important they are for the single topic.

Let the search engines know about pages

As I wrote above this is an easy way to let the search engines moves towards most of your content. Linking to your own web pages is like you are building backlinks among your web pages and allowing search engines to know which pages on your website are more important. This also may help search engines to read through the content that has never been indexed.

This way search engines got aware that which pages on your websites are more important and which pages they should need to give priority over. This way you pin-point the important pages on your website by adding more internal links.

It increases the time on website

Not just the search engines will get engaged within your web content but your audience will also gather one page to another. By linking content to other content you can adjust your audience to read out most of your content and it increases the time spent by users.

How to do the interlinking?

It is a good practice to interlink for your keywords but don’t just stick to it. Apart from that long tail keywords and important wording should be consider to interlink too.
You should avoiding adding interlinking the web pages just for the sake of interlinking. No, of course not interlink when and only when you are so sure that these are necessary. This way you can save the time of the audience too and decreases the chances of annoying your audience.

However, there is no limit to interlink on your web pages but the minimum 0 to maximum 7 is more than enough knowing how lengthy your content it. Always make sure interlink only when the related topic cannot be explained twice thus you interlink it for the readers to land on the other important page of your website. Adding related posts at the bottom is also a good practice to not making your audience annoying but to let them know about your other important pages.

Speed it

Google is itself engaged in investing a large sum of money to make the web faster than ever. Google by all means taking the web speed an important factor for this decade and realizing to everyone to keep it from every source of internet. They have started to prefer faster websites to slower websites. It is now important to take an account to make our web pages faster so it can receive the love of Google. You can use Google recommendation to make sure your website is faster than before.

Google authorship

Google is moving towards authorship and in order to maintain it Google prefer those websites that has more authority than to rest in the competition over a ranking factor. Google already take the initiatives to move to the next generation search engine and it is now become necessary for us to establish the authorship by having correlating the post we have using Google+ profile. This also can lead to so many factors that how important your network is and how many people are your followers.
However, it is just the first initiative to the Google and several basics need to be done before it started focusing such authorship.

For all the reasons I mentioned above, it is sound and clear that on page is the first and foremost thing that need to be optimize before you started focusing on off page seo techniques. Having a wonderful execution of on page search engine optimization on your website, you encourage more chances to have a better search engines ranking to the most search engines. The best part of the on page seo is that you just do not need to be depending on any other sources for your on page seo. This is truly what you can do and execute on your website.

Once you have successfully have done on page seo on your website, you can also need to study how best you can do off page seo for your website. With the help of below article you may increase more potential to do off page.

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Swati Mishra

Content Writer
A very excellent guide from you @Manish Mishra : I really appreciate you to share with us. I am new learner of seo and this tips really have helped me learning a lot about on page search engine optimization. You really have elaborated it so deeply.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
A very excellent guide from you @Manish Mishra : I really appreciate you to share with us. I am new learner of seo and this tips really have helped me learning a lot about on page search engine optimization. You really have elaborated it so deeply.
I am glad you like it. It will definitely help you in practicing seo as you explained to be a newbie. If you want to see a success in a long term, i suggest you to go through some of the Google seo guidelines and more seo content to read before you start practicing.