My Experience A Couple Things I've Learned From Youtube Adsense


So I've had my youtube channel for several years now and just recently received my second paycheck from them. I've learned a bit from this experience and would like to share it with you.

First you need to focus on creating quality content that people want to see. Some niches get more views than others, I think a couple of the easiest categories to get views are top 10 videos or tutorials.

Second make sure you pass copyright on all videos so that you can monetize almost all of them.

Create discussions on other videos in your niche and get your name out there in low cost or free ways.

Finally focus on subscribers, the more subscribers you can get on your channel the more recurrent views you can get on your upcoming videos.

Zirkon Kalti

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I'm curious to know how many views must your Youtube videos have to get approved for YouTube Adsense. Is your income generated from having lots of views or clicks on the ads. How long it took you to receive a paycheck for YouTube Adsense.


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@Marth Its great you have personal experience with Youtube adsense and in operating a channel! I am myself planning on developing the Youtube channel for WMS very soon and currently working on getting some good ideas to make videos which will hopefully be beneficial to webmasters and internet marketers.

Would love to hear about your experience with Youtube adsense, in line with what @Zirkon Kalti asked earlier, what kind of traffic do our videos or channel need to have before someone can apply for adsense on Youtube? How often did you post videos on your channel and how long were the videos on average?

Bilal Nasir

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Hello, I have started a video tutorials for C++ Programming.
It is getting views of daily basis. I think the most important that you keep on posting videos with time . Never ever miss the chance of answering questions on your videos. :)


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Getting subscribers can boost your page and video views and thus can earn Adsense revenue more than if there is less subscribers.


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I tried with youtube, but not have much success with them, so far they need unique videos to maintain a good adsense account. I made somewhere $5 with them, but it is only for a few views per day as people won't view such niche daily.
What software do you use for making videos? do you edit the previous videos or make own by yourself?


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Can you share your channel? Maybe people here will subscribe too. If you're doing great videos, then chances are the visitors here can learn something from your examples!! :D



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I've been wanting to get into video marketing more, but it seems as though YouTube earnings aren't very good. Perhaps the power lies in sending the traffic to your website and trying to convert them.


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Quality content is always key whether video or written content. You always want to connect with your audience. Give them what they are looking for. Solve their problems and give them awesome tips. You can never go wrong when you keep your audience in mind.


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While a single click on a YouTube video might only generate a few cents, those cents quickly add up when you have a lot of viewers engaging with the advertisements on your YouTube channel. The more people visit your YouTube channel and watch your videos, the more people will see those advertisements and potentially be interested in the products or services of those companies.