A free subdomain service that shortens your website address

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Elad Nava

A recently launched service of its own kind, Mirrorize.com is a free service that caches your Web site on a short subdomain. This is a service like no other-your entire Web site is copied to your subdomain for it to be accessed from there. In contrast to other "url masking", "url redirecting" and "subdomain redirection" services, Mirrorize ensures that you never see the original Web site address that has been cached and the subdomain you create acquires the same file/directory structure as your Web site.


No, it does not need access to your files. All it requires is that you verify ownership over your content by uploading a file with a code inside.

This is from their front page:
To demonstrate the power of Mirrorize, consider this:

This address is long and inconvenient. Mirrorize can turn it into:

Viola! A short, rememberable and friendly address!

Which one would you prefer for your Web site?
That's the power of Mirrorize!


Enjoy, it really helped me shorten my Web address nicely!


Yellow Belt
Lol... The site doesn't work and shows a Parked Free page of Godaddy. However, there are many such shorten services available, Google itself offers a same service.
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